DK returns to the game, ending HLE’s winning streak

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DK has two overwhelming wins on the glorious day of Khan and Canyon This ends HLE’s unbeaten streak. Let’s find out with Innnewyorkcity!

DK vs HLE – A confrontation between two successful teams

Ahead of DK, HLE’s key card, Chovy found his form again and helped them to 3 straight wins. On the DK side, the defending LCK champion also shows his excitement as he defeated both Gen.G and LSB by the same stunning score of 2-0.

Round 1: DK 1 – 0 HLE

Lineups of both teams:

location name players General’s name name players General’s name
above HLE DuDu gnar emergency registration gangplank
tropical forest HLE Arthur gwen DK Gorge volibear
In between HLE kale Lee Sin DK ShowMaker LeBlanc
ADVERTISEMENT HLE skill morgana subscription ziggs
Sports HLE vs Leona DK BeryL Sejuani

Version 11.3 of Riot marked the return of mages in bot lane as both teams chose mages for the AD carry position even in Game 1, Morgana and Ziggs. HLE and DK both choose a lineup with a tendency to quickly shift the lane in order to focus on the fight and seize the initiative early. This is fairly common gameplay in LCK Summer 2021.
HLE’s mistake was to let Khan Gangplank into last pick, creating a completely overwhelmed play for DK’s top laner. Despite HLE having many advantages throughout the match, even leading the opponent with 4k money, HLE narrowly paused before the 4v5 team fight. Gangplank took advantage of the terrain, maximizing his power and giving DK a clean win.
Khan is the POG of the first gameDK retook the game from HLE with an advantageous kill swap, controlling large targets with ease and ending the game at 33 minutes with Gunpowder Barrels dealing tons of damage. then Khan deserves to be the POG of Game 1.

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Round 2: DK 2 – 0 HLE

Lineups of the two teams

location name players General’s name name players General’s name
above HLE Morgan dr mundo emergency registration Aatrox
tropical forest HLE Arthur Lee Sin DK Gorge gwen
In between HLE kale akali DK Showmaker LeBlanc
ADVERTISEMENT HLE skill Esreal subscription Varus
Sports HLE vs nautilus GK beryl Leona

In Game 2, DuDu was substituted to make room for Morgan when his performance in Game 1 wasn’t very good. And in the mid lane is a match that focuses heavily on the skills of the top two mid laners in the LCK at the moment. Despite an early win, HLE made repeated mistakes that resulted in DK having the Herald and 2 top laners. Thanks to this, Aatrox gradually became a monster in Khan’s hands as he took turns beating HLE players and helping DK win the first Baron in the 20th minute of the game. DK took advantage of the Baron buff early and easily got 2 Super Minions and the Water Dragon buff after 28 minutes, increasing the money gap to 10k+. The match ended soon after with DK’s final odd push, ending HLE’s winning streak. After the game, Canyon took home the POG title and it’s impossible to mention that Khan and Showmaker also put on an impressive display with plenty of excellent individual tackles.
DWG KIA reclaims its position after a winning streak. And the chance of progressing to the next championship of the summer seems more and more clear to them.

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