Doan Van Haus Girlfriend: “Me and He Love Us”

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After a long relationship, Doan Van Hau’s girlfriend recently published a series of love photos with her lover. The love story of the two received a lot of attention from the fans.

Doan Van Haus’ girlfriend confirmed she’s in love with Vietnamese stars

Doan Van Haus’s girlfriend, whose real name is Doan Hai My, was born in Hanoi in 2001. She is 1.67 meters tall and was once in the top 10 of Miss Vietnam 2020 Hanoi. Hai My is currently a senior in law school. Not only is she talented in singing, but she is also good at English. In addition, this beautiful Ha Thanh also runs a cosmetics shop and works as a model.
Van Hau is happy with his girlfriend. Van Hau, born in 1999, is the leading defender of the Vietnamese team. Hanoi FC star plays an important role in Park Hang Seo army campaigns such as Asia U23, SEA Games, AFF Cup, Asiad.
Girlfriend from Doan Van House: The beauty, born in 1996, officially publicly dated her lover. It is known that Van Hau and his girlfriend met through relatives. The two officially fell in love just a few months after the Miss Vietnam 2020 pageant. “Me and he love each other. Because we are busy with school and work, we are not married yet.” Doan Van Haus’s girlfriend shared.
Girlfriend from Doan Van House: Doan Van Haus’s girlfriend confirmed that the two were not married because they were busy with studies and work.
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