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Located at 46 Tran Phu Street, the Assembly Hall of the Fujian Assembly Hall is a historical and spiritual site in the ancient town of Hoi An. It is loved by tourists for its historical, cultural and artistic value.

Phu Quoc (Phuoc Kien Auditorium) is one of the most popular stops for tourists whenever they have the opportunity to visit Hoi An. It is known for its impressive and unique architecture that is both traditional and profound.

1. Where is the Fujian Assembly Hall?

Phu Quoc one of Things to do in Hoi An very famous. The meeting room was built by the Hokkien people who have lived for a long time in Hoi An. The location is right in the center of the old city, so it is very convenient for tourists to visit the rendezvous point and nearby places.

  • Position: 46 Tran Phu, Hoi An City, Quang Nam
  • Business hours: Every day from 07.00-17.00
  • Ticket price for the Fujian Assembly Hall: This place belongs to the destination to buy air tickets in Hoi An. So if you want to visit the auditorium (and other optional locations) Visitors will pay: 80,000 VND/ticket/Vietnamese guest and 150,000 VND/ticket/foreign visitor

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2. Discover the history of Fujian Hall

2.1.Fujian Kaikan What is English?

Phuc Kian Auditorium (Fujian Hall) Built in the 16th century, not only has a long history. This is also a typical cultural and architectural event of Hoi An. With eye-catching and luxurious red color decorated with intricate patterns. The Parliament Building not only enhances the architecture of the Old City. but it also makes this building stand out even more.

2.2.Who does the Fujian Assembly Hall worship?

According to legend, the ancestor of Phuoc Kien Auditorium was a small temple. Respecting the statue of Thien Hau Thanh Mau (the god who helps merchants overcome the waves) was picked up at the mouth of Hoi An river in 1697. This place also became a rendezvous of the Fujian people. They were the first to appear in Hoi An at that time.

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After many times of renovation and repair with the support and help of overseas Chinese, until now, Phuoc Kien auditorium has become more spacious and luxurious. contributed to the architectural decoration of Hoi An ancient town.

3. Fujian Assembly Hall Travel Experience

3.1 Precautions before visiting

The Fujian Assembly Hall (also known as the Fujian Temple) is an elegant and spiritual place of worship. You should dress formally and be careful with your style and posture to avoid trouble. And visitors from all over the world brought offerings to the board. Therefore, the worshiper does not need to prepare anything outside.

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In addition, festivals and full moon days are crowded with people. Therefore, beware of pickpockets. If you don’t want to lose your health or want to walk a lot Rent a bicycle or bicycle to Tam Quang Gate and walk to the temple.

3.2.Activities at Fujian Temple

Among the meeting places in Hoi An Phuc Khiet’s meeting place is the most spacious and beautiful, formerly made of wood but later turned into a tiled roof. Visitors come to the Capitol to admire the intricately carved architecture.

  • Visit Deer . Gate

Tam Quang Gate is completely inlaid with glazed tiles and has a yin and yang dome. The gate has three style entrances. “ On the left is a man, on the right is a woman’ and on the right means “Heaven, Earth and Man” according to ancient beliefs. The center door is rarely open. Except for major holidays, funerals, weddings, to avoid bad breath from entering…

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Entering the Assembly Hall through the Tam Quang gate, visitors will encounter a large garden courtyard with intricate dragon carving fountains next to rows of green trees. Slowly enjoy the scenery In the order of doors → yard → pond → bonsai → two blocks of east and west → main hall → backyard → back street.

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  • Buddha statue ceremony at the town hall

The Great Hall is the place to worship Empress Angel Mao. Guanyin Bodhisattva, Tang Tai, 12 midwives and 3 pregnant women are all displayed solemnly and sacredly along with other precious objects.

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  • visit obituary

Inside the examination area is where indigenous people and tourists from all over the world light wreaths and burn incense to pray for health and luck for their families and loved ones. A special feature of this type of incense is that it can burn for more than 30 days, when closed, the whole family will have a meeting.

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In addition, Fuk Kien hall also has a worshiping statue. bronze bells Bronze drums, incense burners, exquisite paintings and many other valuable antiques

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3.3 Religious activities at the temple

Hoi An people and tourists from all over the world come here to pray for good luck because many people think that the meeting place is a sacred place and want to be “seen”. Lunar calendar), Luc Ku Thanh (February 16 of lunar calendar), Bat Tien Hau (March 23 of lunar calendar)… There are many attractive festival events held here with the participation of both tourists and visitors. domestically and internationally.

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Especially on the 2nd day of the second lunar month. The Chinese in Hoi An organize a ceremony to worship the God of Wealth with many offerings such as paper money, gold and silver, wine, slugs (boiled eggs, crabs, boiled pork offerings) …

4. Attractions around Assembly Hall of Fujian

After visiting Fujian Kaikan, visitors can visit other places. nearby, such as: Hoi An Night MarketHoi An Bridge Pagoda, Triu Chau Assembly Hall, Hung Vuong Ancient House, Hoi An Museum of Culture and History, Hoi An Folk Museum… These places are not far from Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, about 10-20 minutes walk. . . minute

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5. Experience of staying near Assembly Hall of Fujian

Hoi An’s Phuc Kian Auditorium is not only rich in history. but also surprise visitors with the “unique” architecture in the heart of Hoi An. To enjoy exclusive views of the Assembly Hall and other cultural sites, guests can book a room at: Vinpearl Resort & Spa Hoi An when Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An.

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Visitors can also visit Wonders of the South Wind of Hoi An Experience attractive amusement and entertainment areas such as Folk Island, Water World, Zoo. Vinpearl River Safari South Hoi An

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Fujian Its unique architectural style will make Hoi An an attractive destination for tourists every time they have the opportunity to visit. Combo Voucher Hoi An – South Hoi An Tour to enjoy the hottest deals!

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