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The name Plants vs. Zombies has long since become an immortal monument in the zombie franchise and today is the inspiration for the birth of a series of zombie home defense games. After the success of Part 1, PopCaps continued to release Part 2 of the game and quickly received warm affection from the gaming community.

Introducing the Plants vs. Zombies 2 game

Plants vs Zombies 2 (PvZ 2) or Vietnamese name is Angry Fruits 2. This is the second version of one of the TD games, aka home players, with the theme of fighting zombies.

The first part of the game was released in 2009 and immediately received a warm response from the gaming community. The second part of the game was released in 2013 with many feature innovations and quickly gained great success and carved its own place in the hearts of loyal fans. So far, the series has 2 more expansion versions after the release of part 2 and has been a popular strategy game for many years. Being a game that has been released for more than 10 years, Plants vs Zombies 2 requires a relatively low configuration and you can easily fight the game on a cheap gaming computer or laptop.

Angry Fruits 2 game background

Like other zombie games, PvZ 2 takes us into a timeline where you have to complete a mission to protect a man who may be the last human on earth.
Angry Fruits 2 game background
This man’s house is quite small, so the zombies will always find a way to attack from all sides. So your battlefield is in the front yard, in the yard behind the pool, or on the roof. Despite not owning modern weapons, you have a garden of mutant plants that can attack enemies in many unique ways. And your task is to build a garden with these plants to resist zombie invasion.

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Plants vs. Zombies 2 gameplay review

How to play Plants vs Zombies 2 game

Increasing the number of levels up to 300 shows the PopCap developer’s big investment in this golden layer. It also means players will experience more challenges, face stronger new zombies, and the game screen will also feature a change in the environment that will force you to calculate new tactics more carefully than before.
Plants vs. Zombies 2 gameplay review
Your battlefield will have 5 roads and each road is divided into separate cells. You can only place one tree per square, so you’ll need to build some decent defenses as the zombies will move randomly along these 5 paths. Also, you must be careful to plant 2 types of plants, namely sunflowers for the day and sun mushrooms for the night umbrellas. Because these 2 types of plants give points and based on these types of points you can plant other defense plants.
Weir plants, also known as army trees, are extremely diverse in species and characteristics
The types of defensive plants, also known as army plants, are extremely varied in terms of types and properties, so they will greatly help you create new tactics suitable for dealing with different types of zombies. . In addition, the manufacturer has also added an extremely interesting feature that allows players to increase the power of plants in a short time to be able to inflict maximum damage on the target.

Other game modes of PvZ 2

In addition to the main game mode, this zombie game offers various mini-games with which you can earn more gold, unlock new crops or improve your crops. It is also thanks to this upgrade process that plants become stronger.
Plants vs Zombies 2 Broken Vase
In particular, the VaseBreaker mode is one of the most popular minigames because it brings many surprises and new feelings. There are flower pots in the garden area and you have to break them all to pass the screen. Plants or zombies appear randomly in each vase, so the player has absolutely no idea what the vase he’s about to destroy will have. This is how VaseBreaker creates excitement about unexpected situations.
Other game modes of PvZ 2
In addition, the game adds special abilities that allow you to kill a large number of zombies at once. However, activating this ability also requires a lot of resources, so you can’t use it too often in one game screen, only in emergencies.

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How to download Plants vs Zombies 2 game

How to download the PvZ 2 game to your phone

It can be said that Plants vs. Zombies 2 was quite a popular strategy game at the time of its launch, especially since the day this game was brought to the mobile platform, it quickly gained popularity. You can download this mobile game to your smartphone completely free of charge from the following two addresses:

How to download PvZ games on PC

There are many ways to download this game on PC but the part you will download is part 1 because PvZ 2 only works on mobile platforms. You can buy the game license part 1 from the Steam game portal for VND 70,000. In addition, there are later enhanced versions with many new features for VND 1,400,000.
How to download PvZ games on PC
Here are the steps to buy a PvZ game on Steam:

  • Sign in to Steam.
  • Choose Store.
  • Type Plants vs Zombies in the search bar.
  • Choose Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Choose to buy the game according to the version you like using the blue Add to Cart button.
  • Counting.
  • Go to the Library section and download the game according to Steam’s instructions.

Above is all the information you need to know about the Plants vs. Zombies 2 game. Innnewyorkcity VN hopes that you will have interesting gaming experiences on your mobile.

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