Drawing Among Us 18+, streamer banned by NPH

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The male streamer who once caused outrage among this game’s fanbase draws a picture of Among Us 18+ and then posts it on his personal page.

Wantep is quite a famous streamer on Twitter, he had a self destructive phase by drawing pictures among us 18+

From the perspective of Wantep, the funny, even somewhat cute characters in the game Among Us and the simple but fun and harmless gameplay, it’s a completely different development. This guy didn’t stop at the live stream, he also posted on his personal page to “certify” the copyright. In the comments section, this guy also very frankly admitted that the picture he drew was exactly what viewers can think of when looking at the picture.

After this action by Wantep, the platform admin banned his channel for 3 days to warn and NPH Among Us also intends to “ban” this streamer. It is true that too much fun almost ended the career of this streamer, this will be a life lesson for Wantep with his “artistic” works.
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