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Traveling to Phu Quoc by car can be an enjoyable journey if you can control it. You will need to find information about routes, schedules, costs, etc.

The convenience and freedom of controlling your journey is a special attraction chosen by many people. Take you to travel to Phu Quoc city.This trip also has shortcomings to consider. This article shares full information and experience. So you can easily plan a safe and enjoyable trip.

1. Pros and cons of traveling by car to Phu Quoc

Driving to Phu Quoc takes quite a long way to Lach Gia or Ha Tien port in Kien Giang province, where you can take a speedboat or ferry to the pearl island. Self-sufficient travel in Phu Quoc This has several advantages and disadvantages.


Driving to Phu Quoc can be a memorable trip for family and friends. And there are many advantages such as:

  • Very convenient for organizing and storing luggage. And it’s easy to bring used food and drinks to the car.
  • Complete freedom and spontaneity when traveling. You have the flexibility to stop eating and rest according to your needs and preferences. Enjoy the scenery and take photos with ease. Phu Quoc famous scenic spot.
  • This place offers a private and comfortable space for family and friends to chat without fear of disturbing others like when traveling by bus or plane.
  • This trip is suitable for families with young children and the elderly. For good health and convenient care, self-sufficient travel and many friends

Take you to travel to Phu Quoc city.

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1.2 Defects

In addition to the various advantages, traveling to Phu Quoc by car also has some disadvantages that many people consider, especially:

  • Fuel, tolls, ferries and speedboats and other meals and breaks Expensive to build routes of considerable length
  • Drivers get tired very easily and can face many problems, such as getting lost or breaking down. make it difficult to complete the travel experience

Take you to travel to Phu Quoc city.

Should I go to Phu Quoc by car? The decision will be based on personal preferences and needs after carefully considering the pros and cons of travel.

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2. Driving experience to Phu Quoc

option Take you to travel to Phu Quoc city., need to know the way to the port, at the same time must coordinate reasonable time, plan specific meals, rest Departure from Ho Chi Minh City, take the train to Ha Tien or Rach Gia port from the pier Take a speedboat/ferry across Phu Quoc Island. Unique experiences on each route include:

2.1.From Ha Tien port to Phu Quoc island by car

From Ho Chi Minh City you can run along Ha Tien Wharf. Line 1A (or Line N1) Go west on Trung Luong Expressway towards Can Tho. Highway 80 Go to Ha Tien. Over 310 km in about 7.8 hours driving car Continuing, on the way, the group stopped at Can Tho, had lunch

Ha Tien high-speed ferry There are 2 departures every day at 7:30 and 14:30.waste time 2-3 hoursYou should arrive at the port at least an hour in advance to avoid missing the ferry. Breakfast, coffee and snacks are served at this time.

Take you to travel to Phu Quoc city.

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2.2.From Rach Gia pier to Phu Quoc island by car

Long distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Rach Gia Port Approximately 240 km Driving time About 6 hours.The road to Rach Gia is shorter and smoother than the way to Ha Tien wharf, but taking Rach Gia ferry takes about 30 minutes longer than taking Ha Tien ferry, so if you get seasick, be careful.

Ferries from Rach Gia Port to Bai Vong on Phu Quoc Island depart 6 times a day from 07:00 to 15:20. The time required is about 3 hours to 3.5 hours.. therefore, The car ferry only operates once a day and departs from Rach Gia at 08:00 and from Phu Quoc at 13:00..

Take you to travel to Phu Quoc city.

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2.3.Other notes when traveling to Phu Quoc by car

If you are traveling to Phu Quoc by car There are a few more things to keep in mind to make your trip safe and comfortable.

  • Please bring ID card, driver’s license, insurance card, ferry ticket. booking confirmation, etc.
  • Have your luggage ready Personal items, cash, ATM cards, medicines and basic medical supplies
  • Take a break before the trip to get the best health and spirit.
  • Take your car in for an oil change and get ready for the long journey.
  • Please contact us in advance for stops and eateries along the way or in Phu Quoc. This allows you to make the right food choices and limit “hacking” situations.
  • Book your hotel room at least a month before the holidays. Choose the right room level and get the best price. Good resorts play an important role in making your trip the best it can be. System of hotels and resorts Vinpearl Phu Quoc Suitable for families and groups of friends with a variety of comfortable rooms/villas.

The resort of Vinpearl Phu Quoc is elegantly designed, ensuring absolute privacy. beautiful scenery Many facilities Relaxation, entertainment, food and more.

Take you to travel to Phu Quoc city.

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3. Car transportation fee by ferry/high-speed boat to Phu Quoc

The cost of traveling by ferry/speedboat accounts for a significant portion of the total travel costs in Phu Quoc. Below is the reference electricity price list at Rach Gia Port and Ha Tien Port.

  • Fares for Thanh Toi ferry from Rach Gia Port to Phu Quoc:



Adults (ages 12 and up)

280,000 VND/person

Children (6-11 years old)

250,000 VND/person


140,000 VND/car


350,000 VND/car

4-5 seats

1,300,000 VND/car

6-8 seater car (regular car)

1,350,000 VND/car

Car 6-9 seats (Sleeping bed)

2,000,000 VND/car

The 9th car has 16 seats.

2,000,000 VND/car

To pick up

1,350,000 VND/car

  • Fares for Binh An ferry from Ha Tien Port to Phu Quoc:



Adults (12-59 years old)

185,000 VND/person

Elderly (over 60)

145,000 VND/person

Children (6-11 years old)

130,000 VND/person


80,000 VND/car


240,000 VND/car

4-5 seats

700,000 VND/car

Pickup truck 4 seats, 7-9 seats

990,000 VND/car

Pickup truck 6 seats, 12 seats, 16 seats

1,200,000 VND/car

Car 17-25 seats

1,800,000 VND/car

Vehicles with over 26 seats

2,400,000 VND/car

tricycle (sorry)

540,000 VND/car

Vehicle 500Kg – Under 1.5 tons

800,000 VND/car

To save money on your driving and not having to travel far. Here are a few ways to do that. Self-drive car rental in Phu Quoc Prices range from 900,000 to 1,700,000/day. (Depending on vehicle model) This option will allow you to travel comfortably and freely on the Pearl Island.

Take you to travel to Phu Quoc city.

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Hopefully the experience and information shared through the article will help you make an easier decision on whether to do it or not. Take you to travel to Phu Quoc city. Or not, if you plan your trip and rest accordingly. You can be sure that your journey will be comfortable and enjoyable. We hope your trip to Pearl Island is safe and memorable.

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