DRX defeated T1 to officially win Worlds 2022

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After 5 extremely tense and suffocating matches, DRX defeated T1 3-2 to be officially crowned World Champion.

DRX crowned king of the world

DRX’s journey to conquer Worlds 2022 has to be described as utterly magical. Although Deft and his teammates had to play from the warm up lap, they played better. They defeated 2021 World Champion, EDG, defeated Gen.G – the LCK champion team to reach the finals against T1.

It is true that the World Finals are extremely exciting and thrilling. The two teams dedicated eye-catching ball phases to the spectators. T1 led DRX with a score of 2-1 after 3 games but then a miracle happened as DragonX successfully came back and won the last 2 games to be crowned the World Champion.
DRX defeated T1 to officially win Worlds 2022
T1 can only blame himself. Condolences to Faker and teammates. Clearly DragonX has had a magical journey and its crowning glory is well deserved.
DRX defeated T1 to officially win Worlds 2022
The fans also expressed their opinion after the game:
“It’s incredible. DragonX, from a team that struggled to qualify for Worlds, was the lowest ranked of the 8 teams in China and Korea. They fought from the warm-up lap, beat the MSI champion, won the championship. World 2021, beat the LCK No. 1 seed that is also a T1 champion candidate. A truly magical journey, the championship couldn’t be more deserved. Congratulations to veteran Deft and Team DRX.
“The journey of DRX is so spectacular, from the top 4 LCK fights from the outer ring to defeating all the big boys and defeating the demon king, what could deserve more.”
DRX defeated T1 to officially win Worlds 2022
“Deft has really suffered a lot. And he has long since earned the championship. Congratulations to the World Champion – DragonX! Congratulations to Deft on a career that has finally borne fruit.”
“Today’s match Top Jungle is in normal form, you can play against any team, but if you hit the right DRX flying too high, there is nothing to lose. Aatrox is too bad, but Kingen is too good. T1 still makes mistakes, like when MSI stubbornly dropped the power pick, like dropping Gwen for Bin. The real first choice of three-point karma.”
“DRX lost a lot of Barons and T1 had a lot of chances through those mistakes. But DRX didn’t give up, they still fought doggedly and doggedly to regain what was lost, that’s the bravery of a champion, that’s all.”
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