Dying Light 2 is underestimated because there is no Italian dubbing

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Dying Light 2 is rated 2 by Italian players on Metacritic simply because the game doesn’t have an Italian dub.

Dying Light 2 was rejected by Italian players

Dying Light 2 launches February 4th on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms, this is a zombie-themed post-apocalyptic survival game. As expected, the Steam record for Dying Light 2 peaked at over 245,000 concurrent players, and the number continued to grow every hour over the weekend. Although highly rated on other platforms, on the unknown Metacritic platform is the sad story of this game. Accordingly, the Italian player “dived” for a very stupid reason, which was not to dub Italian into the game. There are many reviews expressing the same opinion that the fact that the game doesn’t have Italian while other languages ​​are still included in the game is a grave insult to the Italian people and culture. Another player also pointed out the dissatisfaction of the game, saying that Dying Light 2 not only has no voiceover, but even the Italian subtitles are full of bugs. This person also thinks that the developer doesn’t respect the Italians, Italian players don’t have to show them any respect.
Dying Light 2 is underestimated because there is no Italian dubbing
With these negative reviews, Dying Light 2 has a fairly low user rating, only 4.3 for the Xbox One version on Metacritic, 5.9 for the PC version and 6.1 for the PS5 version. Players are not only annoyed with the language but also with other issues like Denuvo on PC, poor optimization and the game has many bugs that make players uncomfortable. Unlike Metacritic, Dying Light 2 is highly appreciated on Steam. The game maker itself also said that it will soon work on fixing game bugs, fixing connection issues, co-op gameplay, black screen, storyline and many other parts with bugs.
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