Enjoy Christmas in Danang At 11 ‘Beautiful’ Destinations

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I think it will be an interesting plan to celebrate Christmas in Danang. Because there are so many great places to celebrate Christmas in this lovely city. A place that attracts a large number of locals and tourists

ozone Christmas in Da Nang At this time, the resort has been beautifully decorated and the main street is filled with pine trees, gift boxes, double bells and other gifts. Da Nang tourism Suitable for adding touches on appropriate occasions like Christmas.

1. Noel Da Nang should go Check in 2 famous churches.

1.1 Chicken Church

Christmas in Da Nang

danang chicken church This place is one of the top Christmas places in the city worth living. The church is designed with classical French architecture, featuring a rooster symbol on the roof. which is a highlight that attracts many tourists and is crowded every Christmas on Christmas Eve. Chicken Church organizes cultural events with many attractive Catholic events. Check-in in Da Nang Perfect for Christmas Eve

1.2 Phuoc Tuong Church, Da Nang

Christmas in Da Nang

Phuoc Thuong Church is one of them. danang tourist destination Famous every Christmas This is the oldest church in Da Nang. And it is designed in a rather simple style. As Christmas approaches The interior of the church is filled with beautiful twinkling lights. and closer to Christmas Eve The atmosphere is even more vibrant and lively, so if you want to find a pickup location. Christmas in Da Nang In that case, Phuoc Tuong Church would be a good deal.

2. Christmas in Da Nang See the beautiful bridge shimmering at night

2.1 Bridge over the Han River

Christmas in Da Nang

The Han River Swing Bridge is one of the fun and check-in spots chosen by many teenagers and tourists. This bridge not only brings the beauty of the beautiful city. but also an important traffic bridge. Walk along the banks of the Han River under the twinkling lights and feel the freshness and coolness of heaven and earth. Visitors can walk around the cafe, date and chat with friends and relatives. and make Christmas Eve warm and private.

2.2 Dragon Bridge

Christmas in Da Nang

One of the tourism symbols of Da Nang is Dragon BridgeSo, to celebrate Christmas in Da Nang You can go to this address to check-in. Take in the beautiful scenery of the Han River and enjoy the spectacular fireworks display. Especially in the evening, more than 2,500 colorful LED lights will be lit with different colors. On Saturday and Sunday evenings, the Dragon Bridge spits fire and water to serve residents and visitors.

3. Noel in Da Nang, the highest bar in Vietnam – ‘Rooftop Hits’ at Sky 36

Christmas in Da Nang

A great destination on Christmas Eve in Da Nang is 36 empty bars. From the high position of the bar Visitors can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Da Nang in the pictures: Linh Ung Phat Dai Pagoda, Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge… The sky is brilliant. The lively atmosphere of 36 will help you have a wonderful Christmas night with your loved ones, the bar is also appreciated for its affordable prices. Friendly staff and enthusiastic service

4. Christmas in Danang Discover charming attractions

4.1 South Hoi An Sights

Win Wonders South Hoi An As one of the main entertainment places in the central region, many tourists choose to travel between Da Nang and Quang Nam. This address is not far from the city center so it is fine to go during the day.

Christmas in Da Nang

VinWonders Nam Hoi An is built with 5 subdivisions that promise to bring residents many special emotions, specifically:

  • Admire the poetic beauty, culture and history of Hoi An Ancient Town at the ferry terminal.
  • Experience the traditions and craft villages of 3 regions on Folke Island.
  • Immerse yourself in nature river cruise and see animals on river safari.
  • Experience a variety of indoor and fun games. Includes indoor playground, adventure land and water world.

If you are looking for a 1-0-2 Christmas experience in Da Nang, then VinWonders Nam Hoi An is the place to go.

>>> Book VinWonders South Hoi An tickets at special prices and enjoy a peaceful Christmas with family and friends!

4.2 Helio Center

Christmas in Da Nang

If you have the opportunity to come to Da Nang on this Christmas 2022, you can visit Helio Center and enjoy the vibrant and colorful Christmas atmosphere. There are many familiar cartoon characters such as minion, Doraemon, Mickey Mouse, etc. Many children enjoy coming to play here, there are many “virtual living” corners created for visitors to freely take pictures for. houses themselves.

5. Ideal Christmas Place in Da Nang – Bustling Trade Center

5.1 Vincom Center

Christmas in Da Nang

Vincom Center always gives visitors special emotions during each vacation. Every year during the Christmas season, visitors to Vincom Shopping Center can admire the giant and splendid Christmas tree of Da Nang with their own eyes. This place is considered the largest pine tree in the central region. tens of meters high Embellished with colorful tinsel and thousands of sparkling LED lights. when you see this picture You will feel more clearly that Christmas and New Year are approaching and you will feel very excited.

In addition, Vincom Center Trade Center is also a shopping address with a variety of products such as theme parks, entertainment, restaurants, etc., which can meet the needs of all visitors to celebrate Christmas in Da Nang. Nang.

5.2 Lotte Da Nang

Christmas in Da Nang

Lotte Da Nang is one of many Christmas addresses. 13 Lotte Da Nang shopping centers and supermarkets all have beautiful pine trees in the main gate area. where residents and tourists can visit and take photos next to the area In addition to the great “virtual living” spot, Lotte Da Nang also launches huge promotions. There are many Christmas gifts to make shopping more comfortable. There is also a food court and an art experience area. So you can enjoy Christmas with peace of mind.

6. Two Super Cafes Celebrate Christmas in Da Nang

6.1 Cafe Da Nang Souvenir

Christmas in Da Nang

danang souvenir cafe Nice coffee shop in danangDuring Tet holidays and especially Christmas, Da Nang Souvenir Cafe welcomes hundreds of guests. But open space can meet all your needs and create the most comfortable and relaxing space.

Sit down at Danang Souvenirs Cafe and enjoy a variety of delicious drinks while admiring the romantic view of the Han River. At Christmas, Danang Souvenir Café is beautifully decorated and offers photo opportunities. Comfortable “virtual life”

6.2 85 Coffee Shop Design

Christmas in Da Nang

If you want to take photos of unique and strange costumes in the Christmas season in Da Nang. You can come to 85 Design Cafe, a garden cafe with a fresh, modern design. The standout feature is two stacked black-and-white shipping containers with sturdy columns underneath.

You can choose your favorite place such as air-conditioned room, terrace, garden, etc. Drinks at 85 Design Café are affordable and suitable for a wide range of audiences. So you can choose this address to enjoy Christmas.

It is the choice of many tourists to welcome a peaceful Christmas and welcome the new year in Da Nang. With many beautiful attractions such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Marble Mountains, Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge. The city offers many interesting experiences. In high season there are many tourists. So book and stay early. This will help avoid running out of rooms and disrupting your fun plans.

Christmas in Da Nang

Vinpearl Da Nang We promise you an ideal vacation with luxurious rooms and diverse service facilities. During Christmas every year the mansion is also lavishly decorated and hosts a number of special events. So you can enjoy a warm Christmas night at one of the top resorts in Da Nang.

>>> Book a room at Vinpearl Da Nang at the best price and experience the resort’s best service.

For those who plan to receive Christmas in Da NangPlease carefully schedule places to play, eat, and relax so that you can enjoy a complete, fun and meaningful trip. Hope to help you choose and spend a peaceful and warm festive season with your loved ones!

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