Esports contributes 4 gold and 2 silver

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SEA Games 31: Esports at SEA Games 31 is officially over, Vietnamese esports teams have brought 4 gold medals and 3 silver medals to the Vietnam sports delegation.

SEA Games 31: Esports Vietnam is successful at this convention

League of Legends: Wild Rift

The Vietnam Wild Rift League of Legends team easily brought home the first prestigious gold medal for Vietnam Esports, specifically Vietnam Wild Rift’s unbeaten record in that tournament. This is also the first esports gold medal in the history of SEA Games. In addition, the women’s team unfortunately remained in 4th place.

PUBG mobile

SEA Games 31: Esports donates 4x Gold and 2x Silver to the Vietnam Sports Delegation
Vicoi has been extremely satisfying to the fan base as he has excellently won single gold medals in PUBG Mobile. It can be said that the Vicoi player worked hard and gave the fans an emotional victory. This is also Esports’ second gold medal at SEA Games 31.

League of Legends

The Vietnamese core GAM Esports squad didn’t disappoint the home fans either as they finished the tournament with an unbeatable record and superbly brought home the gold medal for the entire team. This is also the third esports gold medal, adding to the Vietnamese sports delegation’s gold record in the history of the SEA Games.

Crossfire (Raid)

SEA Games 31: Esports donates 4x Gold and 2x Silver to the Vietnam Sports Delegation
Raid at SEA Games 31 followed the success of League of Legends on the final day of competition with a string of wins. With this, Esports added another gold medal to the overall performance of the Vietnamese sports delegation.

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Brave Arena

Despite their best efforts, Lien Quan Mobile could not surprise Thailand, the Vietnamese team could not create a surprise and therefore unfortunately had to accept the silver medal.

FIFA online 4

The Vietnam FIFA Online 4 National Team is just 1 goal away from winning the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games. Unfortunately, the Vietnamese boys only won a silver medal.
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