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Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa is located on Tran Phu Street, the busiest street in the city. This area is also known as “Tam Tan”

Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa owns 295 luxurious rooms and entertainment services. Luxurious facilities and a modern commercial center complex make Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa an ideal place for long business trips.

High floor room with city view

Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa has 295 luxurious rooms, especially attracting visitors with sweeping city views. Just pull the window curtain, Thanh Hoa city will open at your feet. There are green patches interspersed between busy streets and twinkling lights in the night.

Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa is built in the style of modern luxury architecture mixed with contemporary Asian flair. There are 4 types of rooms: Deluxe Room, Business Room, Executive Suite and Presidential Suite, area from 32 m2. Up to 270 m2 each class room is equipped with 5-star standard facilities to bring the perfect vacation and serve the needs of all visitors.

Tam Nien Hotel Vinpearl Thanh Hoa

The most exclusive Presidential Suite has four glass doors and 360-degree views of the city.

With a spacious and elegant office A cozy private dining room with 8 seats, a quiet and peaceful bedroom. and luxurious gilded interior This makes the Presidential Suite a worthy getaway for travelers.

Huong Ton Ton Hotel, Vinpearl Thanh Hoa

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Enjoy your meal at 3 upscale restaurants

Foodies will forget the way back when they arrive at Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa, the hotel owns 3 luxurious Orchid, Lotus and Panoramic Lounge restaurants, serving a variety of domestic and international dishes to serve all needs. your dining needs.

The spicy dish is simple, but the talented chefs of Orchid Restaurant have raised the level of familiar dishes such as shrimp paste, spring rolls, seafood samsun, Haiti without losing their sophistication.

Lotus restaurant once again won the hearts of diners with delicious food and expensive city views from the 34th floor of the hotel, served by skilled chefs who are not only beautiful but also delicious.

Hmong Anh Binh Pearl Hotel Thanh Hoa

Panorama Lounge on the 33rd floor emphasizes privacy. With smart layouts, you can find the perfect meeting rooms and private tables to host key people and important partners. classy menu classy atmosphere And 360 degree view of the city is a great starting point for negotiations.

panoramic lounge at Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa

Sky Bar offers great drinks.

At the 95-seat Skyview Bar on the 34th floor, three floor-to-ceiling glass panes make you feel like you’re floating in the air. It’s a place where you can enjoy the glorious skyline as the sun sets and the glorious sunsets from any seat.

At night, the twinkling lights of the city below and the twinkling stars above interfere with each other to create a unique experience that can only be experienced at Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa.

Sky View Bar, Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa

What’s more, Skyview Bar is home to excellent drinks and unique cocktails prepared by creative professional bartenders. Don’t miss the chance to travel around Thanh Hoa with a spring roll-flavored cocktail that can only be tasted at Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa.

Skyview Bar combines attractive, delicious snacks with impressive views. Perfect for a sweet couple’s date or a fun gathering of close friends.

Infinity pool where you can relax all year round.

The four-season swimming pool on the 7th floor of Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa is extremely spacious. It was surrounded by glass doors and the water spilled out as far as it could be seen with the naked eye. The swimming pool is indoor. Therefore, visitors do not have to worry when the sun goes out, rains or the northeast monsoon comes.

Take a warm bath in the winter or a hot shower in the summer. And enjoy a cocktail from the Aqua Bar as you watch the romantic sunset over the city.

B-boy Hotel Vinpearl Thanh Hoa

Vincharm Spa is a wellness center for emotions.

Located on the 7th floor of Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa, Vinh Charm Spa is one of the most luxurious spas in Thanh Hoa with a unique architectural style and interior design inspired by blooming lotus flowers. Nice music and sweet herbal scent.

Wincharm Spa Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Windarm Spa is the perfect place to relax and beautify. Balance health and fitness Make you young, fresh and healthy both physically and mentally. It is the best choice for you.

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