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If you want to travel in comfort at a discounted price, a travel station wagon is an ideal choice. However, many of the recent scams are a warning that people need to be more knowledgeable and experienced when buying travel packages to avoid unnecessary consequences.

Post Covid-19, travel companies have implemented many policies to boost tourism demand. Accordingly, travel enthusiasts have now taken the opportunity to “hunt down” many attractive vouchers, offers and combinations. However, the peak tourist season in summer also begins when many scams take place. The tourism market is “busy”, cautious “trick combos” On the evening of June 7, a major tourism forum specializing in the Vietnamese travel combo business suddenly shared information about a scam that caused a group of 144 people to go after Phu Quoc (Kien Giang) had difficulty getting to the airport to find that tickets were out. It’s worth mentioning that many in this group have also shared some other information about similar scams that have serious consequences for tourists.

The delegation of 144 people arrived at the airport to find that although they had paid, there were no tickets. (Screenshot) So far, the authenticity of this information has not been verified. However, according to travel experts, this is the time of the year when most scams happen — in many different forms and with different outcomes: from airline tickets to hotel rooms to hotel rooms. to the tour… Not only the travel station wagon business, but also many tourists have commented on cases of fraud like this. DVA (25 years old, Hanoi) said, “On the last trip to Con Dao, me and my group of friends also encountered this situation.

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Another person also reported a similar scam that happened recently. (Screenshot) I still usually book rooms and plane tickets myself. But when I first went to Con Dao, I checked the price myself and found the price quite high, so I switched to online tour groups to find a vendor with to find a very good price. After a quick exchange, I transferred the deposit without thinking twice for fear of making a mistake. However, after transferring the money, I was no longer able to contact this woman. Then I posted in the groups to find info but couldn’t. At that time, I lost about VND 4 million.” It can be seen that tour packages sold online are now very cheap, provide diversified services and meet all needs. Accordingly, visitors should master the experience of purchasing tour packages to have one comfortable, economical travel and limit the encounter with the above unfortunate incidents.

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Need to Buy Travel Suits from Reputable Travel Agents (Pictures) Experience of buying useful, reputable and cheap travel suits Here are the secrets to buying safe travel suits that everyone must participate in Testimonials: 1. Buy travel suits from reputable travel agents. This gives you more security in terms of the quality and service of the offered travel packages. Reliable entities all have clear contracts and are ready to help solve any problems clients encounter on their journey of discovery. Therefore, if, unfortunately, you encounter unnecessary cases, you can find a solution with the service provider yourself. Additionally, some reputable companies also support part of the cost in the combo package, allowing you to save even more. 2. Wondering if this great value travel combo is right for you? Many people have rushed to buy cheap travel combinations because of cheapness, not paying attention to the time, destination … see if it is suitable. And then, most likely, through unnecessary waste, these seemingly cheap things turn out to be expensive. At the same time, your misunderstandings may also lead to unnecessary disputes between you and the travel agency providing the service, which will spoil the fun of the trip. Therefore, you must carefully consider travel combo packages before deciding to purchase them. 3. Read carefully about travel packages It is extremely important to carefully study the information in the package. Pay more attention to the conditions attached to the union. Each type of travel combination has a different price. And at this price are the terms of use.

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By taking advantage of early booking of travel suits, you can shop at the best price (illustrative image). With the experience of buying this travel suit, you will make the most accurate decision for yourself. 4. Compare the price of booking combinations and private travel services Based on the experience of buying travel combinations from those who have gone before, you should compare the price of buying a combination with the price of buying a ticket, a separate hotel room. By comparing these two forms, you can make a more accurate decision. Note that you should compare products of similar quality to make an unbiased decision. 5. Take advantage of promotions and incentives Most travel agencies launch great promotions during the summer holidays, October 20th, December 24th, January 1st… You can use the promotions forever to plan your trip and get so many ” to hunt”. offers as possible. In addition, as soon as you start planning your trip, you should also follow on the fan page or sign up for free emails from travel sites… so you don’t miss any promotions. 6. Book a travel package as early as possible As with booking a plane ticket or a hotel room, booking a travel package in advance will help you get the best price and give you time to think. note, avoid the case of hasty selection and then choose the wrong one. Most travel companies now have many incentive programs for customers who sign up early. If you book early, you will get a discount or many other attractive incentives. In addition, ordering combos early will also help you get more attentive service. 7. Should you decide to buy a travel package with insurance included Travel insurance is always necessary for you, no matter which way you go. It will help you enjoy the journey with the best experience. Especially when traveling abroad, be careful not to ignore the accompanying insurance.

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