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Loi Am Pagoda is one of the most sacred pagodas of Quang Ninh, located in the mountain range of the same name. Loi Am Pagoda attracts many visitors with its four charming mountain peaks and magnificent scenery.

floating pagoda It is an unknown spiritual place. Therefore, when visiting the temple, you will feel a pure and sacred space like visiting and admiring the beautiful mountains and forests that captivate all visitors who have the opportunity to step inside. Discover beauty!

1. Basic information about Loi Am Pagoda

Loi Am Pagoda is located in Dai Yen ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh, this ancient temple has a very enchanting and sacred landscape. But it is still not known by many people.

floating pagoda

Loi Am Pagoda is located in the mountain range of the same name. At an altitude of more than 500 meters above sea level, the mountain has a very cold climate. There are many plants. and like a small plateau in a big circle It was recognized as a national historic site in 1997 and has become a historic site. Ha Long trip holy reputation

The total area of ​​​​the pagoda is more than 100 square meters, including Giaioan stream, sacred well, cave and surrounding lake. Behind is Hang Pagoda, shaped like a giant salamander. with a special roof

Loi Am Pagoda

The legend of Loi Am pagoda dates back to the reign of King Le Thanh Ton in the 15th century. Many ghosts and youkai have lived in this mountain for a long time. And people’s lives are miserable. There was a young man who couldn’t stand such a life anymore. So he decided to run away and begged the Buddha for help. After meeting the Buddha and obtaining the secret of the massacre the young man followed. Banish all demons with gratitude The people here have built a temple to worship Lord Buddha and set the footprints of the temple.

2. Road to Chedi Roi Et

Visitors can easily reach Loi Am Pagoda by private car. If departing from Hanoi The journey will take more than 2 hours, the distance from Hai Phong to Loi Am Pagoda is the question of many tourists. It takes about an hour from Hai Phong. Here are the details on how to navigate that you can refer to:

  • From Hanoi city center Take Ring Road 3, National Highway 5B to Ha Long – Hai Duong Expressway, turn right onto National Highway 18, go straight to Yen Lap Lake.
  • Starting from Hai Phong, follow AH14, turn right onto National Highway 5B and follow the upper road to Ho Mat – Chua Floating.

Traveling by private car is also an interesting opportunity to see the beautiful scenery all the way, but this route is quite long, so consider carefully!

floating pagoda

When he reached the secret cold lake, he had to travel by boat or ship to the foot of Roi Iam mountain. Boat tickets to visit Loi Am Pagoda range from 50,000 – 70,000 VND one way depending on the season. After reaching the foot of Mount Roiam, you have to climb seven more hills to reach the temple.

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3. Discover the beauty of fairies at Loi Am Pagoda, Quang Ninh

3.1. The Way to the Stupa of the Whip Malai

Loi Am Pagoda is located on top of a hill and has a peaceful beauty. When you reach the temple gate You will feel pure and relaxed as if you have entered another world. before going to the sacred Roi Riam temple You have to go almost a kilometer. This includes five steep hills and two rolling hills. But the scenery on both sides of the road is very wild and charming, you will not be disappointed.

floating pagoda

The road leading to the temple gate is paved with cement, on both sides of the road are long rows of trees, so it is very convenient to travel. In particular, there is also a very beautiful pineapple garden. In addition, if you have the opportunity to visit in winter, the fog surrounding the temple will make you feel like you are walking on earth.

Now, to make it easier for visitors to go to the temple, the Roiam pagoda project with a 3 km cable car will operate with solar energy generated by Skyway technology. Roiam Pagoda Skywalk project includes a number of resorts, accommodation and transportation services. To help visitors visit the temple more convenient

3.2.Enjoy the cool secret lake

Yen Lap Lake is known as one of the largest artificial freshwater lakes in Quang Ninh, the area is so large that it covers the foot of a high mountain. Standing a short distance from Loi Am Pagoda, you can zoom in on the picturesque Yen Lap Lake.

Loi Am Pagoda

On a clear day, the sky is clear, the water surface has no waves. And the rows of green trees by the lake seem to adorn the ravishing beauty of this place. Take a boat to admire the beautiful scenery on both sides of the blue coast and touch the small islands. Staying nearby will be an unforgettable experience for you.

3.3 Visiting Cau Cave

According to a friend in Quang Ninh, Cau cave is one of the most sacred places of Loi Am Pagoda. When all the caves are visible from a distance You can feel the appearance of the giant salamander The Cau cave is a natural stone slab 2.2m high, 8.5m wide, is a wonder that creates nature has bestowed on this land.

3.4.Landscape of Loi Am Pagoda

Upon arrival at Loi Am Pagoda Visitors will be surprised by the fact that although the temple is not large, it is located on top of a hill in majesty and silence. The temple is old but still can see the roof. And the way to the top is carved with very sophisticated dragon and phoenix shapes. The reclining Buddha is enshrined in the ubosot

floating pagoda

Loi Am Pagoda stands tall, hidden behind a hazy white cloud. When you fold your hands in front of the temple and pray, you will feel a strange sense of purity and peace.

Loi Am Pagoda

To the right of the temple there is a small path. In the direction of the Mau And after about 50 meters, you will see Hangzhou. Some large old trees create shade in the temple garden. The atmosphere of the temple is therefore very fresh and cool.

Standing by the temple on a clear day You can admire the sunlight shining on the trees. And the morning dew sparkles drop by drop. This makes the scenery here beautiful and poetic.

4. What to prepare to go to Loi Am pagoda?

according to my experience Loi Am Pagoda If you go to the temple, you can pray for success in life. safe delivery and a long life When you come here You can skip the pressure and fast pace of life. and find peace in your soul You should prepare proper offerings and know the rules of the temple.

when offering incense only buy vegetarian food, fruit, avoid salty food, no, fresh flowers the Buddha bought including lotus, lily, peony.

5. Other Precautions When Visiting Loi Am Pagoda

The Loi Am Pagoda Festival is held every year on the 27th day of the first lunar month. The incense burning ceremony was held in the most respectful and dignified atmosphere. Then there is a ritual to pray for peace, luck, happiness and a peaceful life in the new year. The next day the temple organizes traditional folk games.

Visitors can visit the temple during this time to experience the cool spring weather and participate in vibrant festivals. If you come to Chedi Roi Siam Don’t forget to try Royal Chedi’s famous grilled chicken!

floating pagoda

Also the temple is pretty cool. so wear a light jacket. On the way to the temple there are no shops or restaurants. So bring water and food. It is a place visited by many people from all over the world. So please keep your belongings safe.

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Loi Am Pagoda

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Loi Am Pagoda Quang Ninh is one of the most interesting places to visit in Quang Ninh. The fresh, cool air of this place promises to bring peace and tranquility to the soul. Hopefully, the experiences of discovering floating pagodas shared above will provide you with more useful information to have a complete visit to the floating pagoda. Wish you have a happy trip to Ha Long Quang Ninh with your family and friends

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