Experience the beauty of cultural heritage on a tour of Hoi An ancient town

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When traveling to Hoi An Ancient Town What most people feel is the rustic, quiet and poetic. Hoi An also has many traditional cultural values ​​- the beauty that makes people live forever…

traveling Hoi An Ancient Town Tour It gave me a special impression of a peaceful place that has kept its cultural value for many years. When you visit Hoi An, you will see the ancient and poetic Hoi town filled with time. It attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Make Hoi An have its own beauty. This commercial Minato!

1. What’s special about Hoi An – The beauty of the ancient city is still intact.

Go back in time to the 16th century. Hoi An One of the busiest international trading ports in Pho Hoi area, located at the mouth of the Thu Bon River, this place welcomes hundreds of cargo ships from China, Japan, the Netherlands, India, and Spain. This place has become a place of confluence and interference of two Eastern and Western cultures.

Hoi An Ancient Town Tour

If you travel to Hoi An Ancient Town today, you will see that Hoi An’s architecture is still intact traces of a busy trading port over the years, many ups and downs cover Hoi An’s contemplative beauty, pristine. Near the banks of Hoai River, an arch with rows of bridges divides Hoi Street into three separate lanes, avenues for trading, living and worshiping.

Walk along the riverside cobbled streets. You will find a busy commercial street. The house in Hoi An has a special mark of its own. From painted yellow with the hope of bringing good luck and fortune to the flowers that cover the dome. It seemed to freeze before time passed.

“I want to tell Lai Vien Church of Ho Chi Minh City.

Waiting for people to head towards the Shadow River.

The wooden dome of the bridge is painted and carved.

Hundred years later, the tile is still warm and mossy.”

Each house in Hoi An brings harmony between living space and nature, like the long-standing lifestyle of the people here. Old houses often have shady areas. And the water tank, rocks and indoor plants fill the living space with fresh light.

2. Sophisticated and Beautiful Culinary Culture – After a visit to the ancient capital of Hoi An Vi is still king.

Hoi An Ancient Town Tour

It is no coincidence that food has become a cultural beauty. When does food tell the story of each region? Hoi AnThe cuisine of this land has been influenced by many different cultures. Traders from all over the world come to Hoi An. Bring a lot of regional dishes to the city.

Best cooking The skillful hands of Hoi An people gather from many regions for a national dish associated with the Old Town. A trip to the ancient capital of Hoi An will make you remember forever its delicate yet rich flavor.

“I want to tell the children of the townspeople.

Cute and clear toad shop on the side of the road.

A cup of hot green tea in the morning

Noodles, Cao Cao love”

you don’t need these restaurant The taste of instant noodles and dumplings sold in small shops will stay in my memory forever. As you pass by the old houses in the center of Hoi An You will see people queuing in crowded places and streets filled with seductive scents.

Hoi An Ancient Town Tour

I once enjoyed the famous fondant with a crunchy crust in my mouth with a group of friends. or a long wait with chicken rice and fried chicken, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Hoi An food Simple but delicate, harmonious and balanced, just like the people and way of life here.

3. VinWonders Nam Hoi An – A place to preserve and honor Vietnamese heritage

Hoi An preserves heritage values ​​in its own way. Previous generations have preserved culture and traditions for generations in historic buildings in the heart of the old city, future generations will pass on these values ​​in contemporary Vietnamese buildings. Vinwanders Park South Hoi AnFrom cultural traditions to special performances with deep value.

Hoi An Ancient Town Tour

In Hoi An, every road seems to have heritage value. When walking along the road near the banks of Hoai River, you will encounter ancient pagodas and places that still retain traces of time. Probably the most widely known is bridge tower – when we come here We visit the iconic temple of Hoi An ancient town. View and take souvenir photos

Hoi An Ancient Town Tour

4. Another tour of Hoi An Ancient Town at Giao Thoa Port and Folklore Island.

arrive Wonders of the South Wind of Hoi AnExperience a different journey when coming to Hoi An Ancient Town VinWonders Nam Hoi An welcomes visitors back to the busy trading port built in the 16th and 17th centuries in the area of ​​​​Ben Giao Thoa. As ships come and go around the world This makes this ancient city a unique intersection.

Hoi An Ancient Town Tour

Then we go in Villager’s Island – Where you can discover the quintessence of culture and art from all over Vietnam in just one day.

It sounds hard to believe, but at VinWonders Nam Hoi An, you can visit ethnic houses. Hear stories from the workers in the village and explore the beautiful villages along the S-shaped strip of land. Returning to the cultural roots Listening to stories and watching live performances makes us even more in love and proud of the works. cultural values ​​of the home country!

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5. Lantern – symbol of longevity in Hoi An ancient town

When traveling to Hoi An ancient town The moment that pops up in your mind is the lanterns swinging from the eaves, the flower beds and the street lights in the night. Lanterns have long been a symbol of this place. The ingenuity and talent of skilled workers have created a variety of shapes for each Hoi An lamp from a seemingly indistinguishable bamboo sheet.

After building the structure The lampmakers will begin to create silk robes of unique colors and patterns. Ingenuity and meticulousness have made the reputation for Hoi An Lanterns, in 2013 Hoi An Lanterns became a world famous brand and exported to countries around the world.

Hoi An Ancient Town Tour

An interesting experience that you must try when traveling to Hoi An Ancient Town is droplightsfrom Bac Dang Pier Go on the water in a small boat for a romantic drift on Hoai River. Immerse yourself in the splendid lanterns as you watch Hoi An sparkle in the evening. According to a story passed down through the generations Lighting a lamp is like removing anxiety and bringing peace and happiness.

6. Build a village worthy of time in the old town and rebuild it at VinWonders Nam Hoi An

Hoi An is also known for its traditional craft villages from the 15th to the 16th centuries. It is said that in Hoi An there are 12 craft villages handed down by artisans. Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Phuc Lap Foundry Village, etc.

I had the opportunity to visit Thanh Ha pottery village, here, the artist suggested that I should make the first bowl with the ingenuity and flexibility of my hands. And tell me the old story of this 15th century craft village.

Hoi An Ancient Town Tour

When you think of Hoi An You will immediately think of a traditional handicraft village. But few people know that right in the heart of VinWonders Nam Hoi An is Folk Island, where craft villages from all over Vietnam are concentrated.

Here, the artisans of the three regions have cherished, preserved and spread the ancient professions of many professions such as paper making, silkworm rearing, cloth weaving, knitting, and embroidery. Fun but rewarding experience

Hoi An Ancient Town TourI realized more clearly that Time is indeed the proof of eternal value. Time flies with memories and stories. I believe that the deeply felt values ​​mixed with daily life here will not change. The mossy old houses in Hoi An still blend with the modern rhythm of life. Therefore, the sun is wide open waiting for your footsteps to come.

Going back in time and experiencing profound values, VinWonders Nam Hoi An exists, most of the long-standing cultural values ​​of the heritage site are still fully preserved.

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