Experience the modern beauty of Phu Quoc United Center

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Experience Phu Quoc United Centre, where guests can enjoy the exciting and modern services of the world’s most famous city that never sleeps.

surprised? Experience at Phu Quoc United Center What’s interesting? The answer will surprise you. Because every square meter of our 1000+ hectares offers a consistently cutting edge experience. There are many interesting activities for visitors to explore, play, relax and enjoy.

Outstanding experience at United Center Phu Quoc Grand World Phu Quoc – “The city that never sleeps” 24/24 where visitors can enjoy endless hours of fun. enjoy the atmosphere An endless festive space filled with energy and joy equal to the city that never sleeps in the world.

Grand World “City that never sleeps” We offer a wide range of different experiences. With nearly 1000 stores open day and night. From world-renowned branded retailers to sophisticated craft stores. This place is also known as a shopping paradise. From the shops of Shanghai to the incredible Indochina of Indochina. or the busy Mediterranean streets of Europe Visitors can freely roam, enjoy the scenery and shop like the busiest commercial street scenes in the world.

Experience Phu Quoc United Center

Visitors will be amazed when visiting Legends Square with its iconic buildings and unique cultural space, captivating in every detail, this place is a sanctuary between culture and civilization.

Here, ‘Master of the realm’ Viet Tu brought a wonderful stage with many colors. From impressive performances to the traditional cultural colors of the Vietnamese elite. Contemporary performance and poetry “Colors of Venice” will lead you astray. to the poems of Vietnamese and European cultures. This is part of the development trend of tourism to attract tourists with famous projects that Phu Quoc United Center focuses on investing the most.


Discover more detailed and convenient Phu Quoc travel experiences you need to know to have a complete tour of the pearl island.

Experience Phu Quoc United Center

Proof of strong investment in gallery flow Phu Quoc Reunification CenterWe aim to organize 365 major shows and 2,920 small shows each year. Elite programs showcase Vietnam’s unique folklore through fascinating stories of millennial history. century. Combined with state-of-the-art performance techniques, lighting, sound, and over 200 dazzling performance elements, talented performer Crystal is a unique experience available only to North Islanders.

Experience Phu Quoc United Center

The Legend of Bamboo is also a special highlight of Phu Quoc United Center with thousands of Tay Ninh bamboo trees and elaborately arranged national cultural symbols such as lotus flowers, bronze drums and more. The world’s leading bamboo architect.

Experience Phu Quoc United Center

Romantic and beautiful gondola ride along the Venice River Enjoy the scenery and listen to the wonderful opera voices of beautiful girls in costumes. Fascinating day and night trips It’s a unique experience only when visitors arrive. “The city that never sleeps” at Phu Quoc United Center Phu Quoc Reunification Center grand opening Try it on April 21st!

Experience Phu Quoc United Center

Of course, for those who believe in the “Virtual Life” Teddy Bear Museum, a four-story donut-shaped building owned by Vinpearl. It is an interesting check-in point that is hard to ignore. Find new and unique experiences in a wonderful and colorful world.

Experience Phu Quoc United Center

Festive costumes, beach squares And vibrant music parties in the tropical dance squares of the city that never sleeps will liven up your journey. This place has a capacity of dozens of people, operates 24/7 without days off, is an endless festival “paradise” that young people can experience every year.

Phu Quoc United Center impresses in developing the style of ‘One destination for all needs’ to serve the needs of visitors. Visitors can choose to stay at the chain of motels branded Vinpearl, VinOasis, Vinholidays, Radison Blue… not only for relaxation, but also to experience and enjoy the world in their own way. Safari, the largest theme park in Vietnam or one of the largest semi-wildlife conservation parks in Asia.

Experience Phu Quoc United Center

For more “luxury”, visitors can play swing at Vinpearl 18-hole golf course or go to Corona 5-star Casino to try their luck…

Lots of interesting information above may answer some questions. What should Phu Quoc United Center play? Whatever you wonder, Phu Quoc United Center is one of the most complete and closed ecosystems in Asia. And will see a big change in the look of the North Island after officially opening to guests on the 21st, ready for a wave of change from conventional tourism to a new era of experiential travel.

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