Explore Melia Vinpearl Hotel Hue – the shining pearl of the ancient capital.

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Located in the heart of the romantic Hue city, in a prime location “like the mountain towards the Perfume River”.

Melia Vinpearl Hotel Hue – Elite rendezvous

5 star hotel

Melia Vinpearl Hotel Hue Featuring a sturdy ‘V’ design, blended with a modern touch. but still retains the unique royal architecture. Each decorative detail is meticulously created. The combination of warm gold and silver white shows the elegance and nobility of the royal family. This is the best value resort. Hue tourism.

Vinpearl Hotel HueVinpearl Hotel Hue

In addition to the luxury room system Melia Vinpearl Hotel Hue It gives the impression of a worthy chain of restaurants and bars. ‘A masterpiece’

Vinpearl Hotel HueVinpearl Hotel HueVinpearl Hotel Hue

Sky bar is located on the top floor. This place is known as ‘The most beautiful bar in Hue’ and is the ideal place for those who love the scenery in Hue. From here, visitors can zoom their eyes to see the endless vast skyline and beautiful landscape of Hue city. Sip cocktails at Sky Bar and enjoy great music that leaves an indelible impression in the hearts of diners.

Vinpearl Hotel Hue

for swimmers The resort’s seasonal swimming pool is a must-see to enjoy the relaxing feeling of diving into the clear blue water. Melia Vinpearl Hotel Hue.

Vinpearl Hotel HueVinpearl Hotel HueVinpearl Hotel HueVinpearl Hotel Hue


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Melia Vinpearl Hotel Hue brings you an international conference experience.

Vinpearl Hotels is the first choice for domestic and international companies to organize large-scale conferences and seminars here. 5-star meeting room system from 5 types of meeting rooms (4 Phoenix rooms, 1 Dragon dance room) and Ron Fung gather images. The conference rooms offer premium meeting services to the latest standards, with a host of state-of-the-art features. personal and formal space

Vinpearl Hotel Hue

>>> Book Melia Vinpearl Hotel HueThe hotel in the city center has luxurious rooms. Many great resorts and restaurants

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