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Hung Hung Ancient House is located in the ‘arms’ of Hoi An, has a history of more than 240 years, in addition to being a unique tourist attraction, Hung Hung Ancient House is also a witness to the history and antiquities of the nation it belongs to. is received. also approved by the state.

not random Hung Hung ancient house Hoi An is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. What is this place famous for? Let’s lift the veil of secrecy to reveal the mysterious charm of this ancient house!

1. Address: Hung Hung Ancient House

Travel to Hoi An and ask the locals about their old house in Hung Hung. Nobody know. The house is located at 4 Nguyen Minh Cai Street, Minh An District, Hoi An, Quang Nam.The house is located next to the famous Kaw Pagoda – the temple is located on a small tributary of the Thu Bon River at the intersection of Mincai and Trang Phu streets, visitors cross the bridge from one of the houses.

Hunnam ancient house

Previously, this was one of the most convenient and busiest places of Hoi An trading port.

2. The origin and meaning of Kominka Funfun

2.1 When and at what time was the Hung Vuong Ancient House built?

Hung's ancient house

Hung Hung ancient house was built in 1780, so far it has been “standing” in Hoi An for more than 240 years, at that time the port city of Hoi An was flourishing and progressing. Hoi An tourismVisiting the house, you will see the hustle and bustle of the vibrant old town.

back in history The owner of the house is a Vietnamese businessman. It was built with the purpose of being a place to trade in cinnamon bark, pepper, salt, and porcelain. and a long glass The house is “Hun Hoon”, which is also his shop’s name, which means “prosperity”.

2.2 The design of the Old Hung House is a combination of three architectural schools from Vietnam, Japan and China.

with a prosperous economy related and a lot of knowledge The merchant then designed the house with a very special and distinctive architecture. It is an ensemble of three cultural schools of Vietnam, Japan and China.

Hung Hung ancient house

especially: The slightly Chinese direction shown through the system of balconies, windows, main doors, and large roofs of Nakayashiki is the roof “ Four Seas ” familiar with Japanese architectural style of the Edo period. The front and rear cabin roofs have traditional Vietnamese architecture, with a system of columns, wooden frames, verticals, and crossbars built from rare wood. but still retains the original beauty even after more than 200 years

2.3 Eight generations live in an old house in Hung Hung.

Hung's ancient house

The current head of the family is an eighth generation merchant. They still live here and try to maintain the house well. Family sewing and embroidery workshops are organized to create beautiful souvenirs for visitors to buy as souvenirs. The host is also the most knowledgeable guide about the house. They enthusiastically and proudly explain to visitors about the old houses of the Hung Kings period, about ancient architecture and unique interiors.

2.4.Hung Vuong ancient house – Historical relic – National cultural property.

Hung Hung ancient house was recognized as a national historical and cultural relic on June 29, 1993, is one of the children of Hoi An. More than 240 years have passed, this house has witnessed many ups and downs of the homeland.

han han old house

The people of Hoi An will never forget the historic flood in 1964. At that time, the house was a place to settle down. 160 people lived for 3 days and 3 nights.

In 1999, angry nature dragged two great floods into the old city. Destruction of institutions and homes. thanks to the trapdoor connecting the two floors. The owner at that time repaired and mitigated the damage by carrying things upstairs.

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3. Visit Hung Hung ancient house in Hoi An

Let’s take a look at the most famous houses in Hoi An Ancient Town!

Hung Hung ancient house

When viewed from the outside It is a tubular building with a wide facade. expressing the wishes and wishes of the owner “Phat fortune and fortune”, clearly the house is a 2-wing construction, two folds connected to the northwest, with 4 roofs.

This design is also suitable and convenient for previous business and trading. Ironwood and other rare woods The main building material gives the house a warm dark brown fur I have a pair of these eyes that are decorative and protective mascots.

3.1.Explore the unique architecture of the ground floor.

Originally, the owner used the ground floor of the house to display and sell products, today the first floor is where the owner collects antiques and receives guests. Visitors to the house can sit and relax on an elegant wooden table and chair set in the middle of the house. The surrounding walls of the ground floor are decorated with fine carvings and fine art. These amazing sculptures are hand-carved by artisans from Kimbong woodworking village.

Hung Hung ancient house

The column system of the house is made of 80 wood, very solid. All columns are placed on stone legs to reduce the collapse of the house and prevent termites. This stone base helps to isolate the contact between the base of the column and the ground. damage reduction

3.2 Visit the 2nd floor of Hung Hung Ancient House.

When you reach the second floor of the house, you will feel a sacred and ancient feeling that covers the whole room. This is where the owner placed the ancestral altar and Tianhou Tangmao. The table is placed in front of the altar. The host always puts 7 marbles in the cup. every time you leave They roll the dice to determine the departure time.

Hunnam ancient house

Due to its proximity to the river, it is therefore used to be prone to flooding. Therefore, the attic floor has a rectangular opening called a “sliding door”, which is easily removable. It facilitates the transportation of goods from the ground floor to the attic in case of flooding.

Hunnam ancient house

When looking up, the roof of the communal house is covered with yin and yang tiles. This type of brick:

  • It keeps your house cool in the summer. At the same time keep the house warm in winter
  • There are carp carved into the bricks. Carp is a symbol of good luck. prosperity and power in ancient Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese cultures.

Hunnam ancient house

narrow corridor In the farthest room leading up to the second floor. and a wide corridor surrounds the second floor entirely of wood. The location of the scientific stairs helps the house to be larger and more airy.

han han old house

A visit to an old house in Hung Hung is like recreating the life of an old trading family in slow motion. This has fascinated, surprised and impressed tourists from all over the world.

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outside Hung Hung ancient houseHoi An has many attractions that should not be missed. You can visit the Covered Bridge, which is adjacent to the ancient house, the Cantonese Assembly Hall or the Hoi An Handicraft Workshop. Hoi An Museum of History – Culture and Ancient Town

When entering Hoi An, visitors are given a ticket to travel back in time, at that time my soul is quiet, peaceful and relaxed from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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