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Icons such as giant fire-breathing dragons, deer carts, elaborate carriages and the dazzling Gothic pavilion at Flower House will pull the audience of Tata Show Vinwanders Nha Trang from this touching sequence to its emotional climax. This sequence led me to an adventure.

Upgrade investment in great sound effects props Perfect duration almost 40 minutes… Tata Show Win Wonders Nha Trang very successful Affirming the international level of the first multimedia reality TV show in Vietnam.

Tata Show Win Wonders rejoices with the new face of the big generation

After his debut, director Viet Tu and the creative team in Vietnam along with the director’s actors continue to strive to create world-class multimedia masterpieces.

Princess Tata and her brave friends participate in every scene. Impressed by the beautiful location of the Tata show. On a wonderful adventure To the mighty seahorse…

Create a show worthy of the pinnacle with this magical fairy tale setting experience. A sparkling fantasy replica with sparkling replicas of happiness jewels. Flower greenhouses, elegant Gothic pavilions…

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Tata Cho Winners Nha Trang PicturesTata Cho Winners Nha Trang Pictures

Featured in the program is the mighty image of a giant dragon. attracted the curiosity and attention of all audiences. The creative team worked hard on this scene for 6 months to create the most rhythmic mechanical movements, from the movement of the wings to the smoke. Before the Tata Show, leading experts VinWonders Nha has calculated and performed dozens of stages of meticulous testing in practice

Tata Cho Winners Nha Trang PicturesTata Cho Winners Nha Trang Pictures

Enjoy the best music of Tatacho.

Talented musician Duong Kak Lin improvised and transformed the music he performed in a magical and attractive way, playing the “core” role of leading and connecting the story. Amazing sound effects combined with 3D mapping effects, talented performers and professional choreographers will draw the audience into the story and soar on a magical journey. Tata Show Win Wonders Nha Trang.

Tata Cho Winners Nha Trang Pictures

Singer Quang Vinh, one of the first guests to enjoy a giant version of Tata Show Amazed at the investment in professional visual effects and the best sound ever.

In the clip experiencing VinWonders Nha Trang, the male singer also said: Every second of performance makes him overwhelmed with emotions. Quang Vinh’s “artist’s blood” really welled up, hoping for a harmony. I took part in this wonderful program.

Invest in amazing effects with Tata Show.

Tata Show features hundreds of combinations of 3D sequences. Projector 14 sophisticated graphics with leading lighting technology and superb music. Not to mention the huge $500,000 props collection that was invested in the show. especially The wonderful surreal fairy space is magically recreated.

Tata Cho Winners Nha Trang Pictures

When it comes to the giant Tata program, General Director Viet Tu said, from the very first day of building this project, his team has really challenged themselves. That is comparing Tata Show Vin Wonders Nha Trang with world-class shows of “giants” such as Disneyland, Universal. 3D mapping technology and make the difference by combining hundreds of actors and scary props to complete the set. Tata Show is not just a part of the Work that audiences have seen anywhere before. . It’s a complete world of characters.

Tata Show VinWonders Nha Trang – The peak of entertainment ‘must see’

Tata Cho Winners Nha Trang Pictures

At 19:00 every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the magical world of VinWonders Nha Trang will surprise visitors with moments of darkness covering the whole area. All the brightest, most fanciful things are gathered in the magnificent 65-meter-high castle to light the opening of The Wonderful World of Tata.

In the film, audiences of all ages can easily experience true emotions when immersing themselves in the dangerous journey of the beautiful princess Tata. possessed from the sea and his benevolent friends as they once again battle against their nemesis, the Dark Lord Save Wonderland.

model Tata Show Win Wonders Nha Trang Visitors everywhere continue to warmly welcome visitors to VinWonders Nha Trang, less than a year after opening, Tata Show has become the symbol of Nha Trang city by the most beautiful bay in the world.

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