Fish Than Thanh Hoa Tourism – An exciting journey to discover the wonders of nature.

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Thanh Hoa Ca Than Stream Tourism – A gift of beautiful nature There are forests, villages and gentle and kind people that have created the image of a peaceful and charming village.

Trip to Thanh Hoa God Fish Stream What’s interesting? Located 80 km northwest of Thanh Hoa city center, Cam Luong Shenyeo River is an interesting and unique place in Thanh province.

1. What’s interesting in Thanh Hoa Ca Stream Tour?

1.1.Learn the touching story about the spirit fish channel

  • mythical snake

Phra Chao Kam Luang stream Jade Village (also known as Jade River Spirit Village) is associated with the ancient legend of the snake god. Once upon a time, there was an old couple who couldn’t have children. One day he caught crabs and fish in the fields by the stream. His wife scooped up an oddly shaped egg.

saw that So she put the egg in its place without daring to pick it up. The eggs are still in the basket. She brought it home, incubated the eggs, the eggs hatched snakes. With panic, her husband took the baby snake and released it into the Ngoc River. But every night the snake comes home.

The couple could not do more. The couple raised the snake with their family as normal pets. Suddenly there are snakes in the house. Therefore, water is always sufficient for irrigation and agriculture. And people in the area are happy because they no longer have to suffer from prolonged drought.

After a night of heavy rain and wind After fighting the sea monsters and ravaging the village Peace always passes quickly. And the next morning, people saw the snake’s body floating at the foot of Chuongsin mountain, with gratitude, the villagers buried the snake at the foot of the mountain and built a temple here. Since then, the Jade River in front of the temple is floating day and night with thousands of fish.

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Strange story about fish in Khaem Luang river

  • Fish in Ngoc stream swim along a single stream about 100m long, suddenly there was a big flood and the whole road leading to the stream was flooded. But the fish are not washed away, but instead hide in caves and holes. Even a baby who was blown away can swim again.
  • Although the fish is very crowded. But river water is always clear, odorless, can be used for living and cooking. It’s hard to explain that scientists are still doing research.
  • It is said that if you dare to eat magic fish, you will be very miserable. (not confirmed)

If you have ever been to Thanh, be sure to stop by Pla Kham Lor stream and have the opportunity to hear the locals tell many interesting stories about this stream. This will be a very enjoyable experience.

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1.2 Admire thousands of fish on the Jade River

both sides Qinghua Shenyu River Scenic Area Rustic and simple stilt houses in the style of urban tribes You will appreciate the peaceful beauty of this area. with the majestic mountains on both sides of the Ma River

Thanh Hoa tourist area

The stream is located between four sides of limestone mountains. It is about 100 m long, 3-4 m wide and 30-50 cm deep and is full of fish. The fish here are from 2kg to 8kg in size, with a king fish weighing nearly 30kg.

Thanh Wai tourist area

The shape of these fish is very peculiar and the color is also varied. When a fish swims in the sun back the fish will turn blue, red, yellow, pink… shiny silver and many other colors, that’s why they are called angel fish.

Thanh Wai tourist area

Legend has it that if you touch a sacred fish You will be blessed because you cannot touch it. If interested, try your luck now!

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1.3.Visit the Jade Temple-Kay Dang Cave

Song Ca Thanh Hoa tourist site also has a jade temple where Tu Phuc Long Vung is worshiped. And above Suoi Ca is Caydan Cave, with mysterious scenery and many magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. Sparkle like a beautiful diamond…the interesting thing is If you enter the cave one way After exploring the whole circle You will exit through another path. form a closed loop

Thanh Hoa tourist area

2. Experience the holy fish river excursion in Thanh Hoa

2.1.Where is Cam Thuy Thanh Hoa?

  • Position: Luong Ngoc Village – Cam Luong Commune – Cam Thuy District – Thanh Hoa Province

Cam Thuy god spring is located in the western mountains of Thanh Hoa province, on both sides of the Ma River and is part of the Ma River basin, a tributary of the Chu River. Camlien stream and sacred water in Van No community.

Thanh Hoa people believe that the stream is a sacred place to protect the villagers. The school of fish symbolizes prosperity and peace in people’s lives. That is why the stream of magic fish has mystical and magical properties.

Thanh Wah tourist area

2.2.The best time to visit Thanh Hoa Ca Stream

Than Pla Lai Than tourist area is open to visitors all year round. So you can come here any time of year but, The best time to see them is in the summer from April to September every year..

at this time of year you can see kingfishers because they only appear when the water level is high, in summer the spring water is crystal clear. And the sight of the fish sparkling in the sun makes for a beautiful scene. According to spiritual beliefs, the Kamluong Shenyu River brings good luck. So you can go there even in early spring.

Thanh Hoa tourist area

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2.3. Ticket price to visit Phra Kaew . stream

Admission ticket price:

  • Adults: 20,000 VND
  • Children: 10,000 VND
  • Free: Children under 1m

Tram fares: 27,000 VND/round trip/person

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2.4 Journey to Thanh Hoa God Fish Stream

  • From Thanh Hoa: Cam Luong magic fish stream is about 80km northwest of Thanh Hoa, takes about 2 hours, connects to National Highway 45, National Highway 47 and Provincial Road 217, all very convenient.
  • From Hanoi: Cam Luong magic fish stream is about 3 hours 135 km from Hanoi, follow Highway 21B and go straight to Ho Chi Minh City.
  • You can also catch a bus from where the bus route runs and rent a bike to cycle around!

Thanh Wai tourist area

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3. Notes when coming to Thanh Hoa sacred fish river

Cam Luong Magic Fish Stream is a touristic and sacred place in Thanh Hoa to enhance your trip. You should pay attention to the following points:

  • don’t catch fish
  • Please do not litter only in tourist areas. but also in streams.
  • Do not feed your fish improperly.
  • When visiting the cave, do not destroy stalactites and stalagmites.

Thanh Wai tourist area

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4. Enjoy Thanh Hoa cuisine when going to Cam Luong fish stream

If you have the opportunity to come to Thanh Hoa, do not miss the following specialties!

4.1. Lamb bowl – Yakitori

Stein is famous for its diverse culinary culture. Because there are few places on the S-shaped belt with mountains, forests, seas and plains like this. And each region has its own specialty.

One of the must-try dishes when coming to Tarn Pla Tarn Hoa is grilled chicken with salt and pepper. delicious grilled chicken With glutinous rice and salt, pepper and a little chili is a delicious dish.

Thanh Wah tourist areaThanh Wai tourist area

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4.2.Thanh Hoa spring rolls

Thanh Hoa spring rolls are seasoned with raw meat, pork skin, pepper, garlic, chili and other spices. It has a sweet and sour taste when eaten. from traditional spring rolls Daenghwa people make various dishes. Many types with many different ways of processing and eating such as Truong Xuan spring rolls, spring rolls, spring rolls, square rolls…

Shape and volume vary depending on use. But the characteristic flavor is still preserved. There are also many types of spring rolls such as spring rolls, spring rolls, grilled spring rolls, fried spring rolls.

Thanh Wah tourist area

You can go to Ngoc Da, Duong Duong, Vu Linh, Ba Tuong, Nem Nam or the sidewalks of Dinh Le, Tho Binh Dien, Ngoc street to buy genuine spring rolls!

4.3. Shrimp rolls

Shrimp paste is usually made from finely ground young shrimp, marinated with spices and fried until golden. But what makes Thanh Hoa shrimp crackers stand out is the delicate way of processing.

Add a little honey powder to shrimp broth to create color, then add pork belly (yellow and finely chopped), saute onion, garlic and pepper, mix well. Put noodles in and grill on charcoal. When shrimp rolls are cooked Serve with fresh vegetables and our special sweet and sour dipping sauce will enhance the taste.

Thanh Hoa tourist area

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4.4. Hello Tooth Cake

As a type of cake commonly known as banh tet, banh gio, banh la and Thanh Hoa people call it banh chung because it resembles familiar farm tools, bearing the spirit of the countryside. many supporters

Thanh Hoa gai cake wrapped in don leaves or banana leaves The filling includes bacon, spinach mushrooms, pepper and chopped dried onions. Freshly baked bread has the aroma of onions, soft and chewy. And when refrigerated, eating in cubes is equally delicious.

Thanh Wai tourist area

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