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Are you the girl with rich knowledge about dishes? Do you love recipes to prepare the tastiest meals? Then you are definitely a food girl.

what does that mean?

Food Girl is the name used to refer to girls who have a passion for food. Whenever people ask questions like: what to eat, where to eat, she has a quick answer. She seemed to have all the information about the food in her hands.

If you make friends with these girls, you will never go hungry. In addition, you will discover many attractive dishes of Vietnam as well as countries around the world. From Bat Dan Noodle Soup, Bun Cha, Banh Cuon to Kimchi, Kimbap, Sushi… Surely you will feel how interesting and meaningful life is.

Distinguishing features of culinary girls

Culinary girls always know how to please others, especially through food. Therefore, she quickly won the special affection of everyone around her.

Or a cafe?

Her truth in life is always associated with delicious food. They often join online associations and groups to gain more knowledge. When children are introduced to delicious foods, they need to find every opportunity to enjoy them as quickly as possible. Befriending her means you don’t have to spend time planning the menu every day. Life doesn’t get boring then because the food is too boring.
Distinguishing features of culinary girls
At the weekend or in her free time, she often invites him to a café to admire the street scene. For FA girls, it’s definitely a must-have for soulmates. You can be together all day, go out, eat, chat with each other without getting bored. Sometimes they also satisfy roadside snacks or bowls of pho, tens of thousands of vermicelli in street shops.

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Be brave, cook well

Not only do they have a passion for food, but these girls are also very daring and passionate about exploring recipes and practicing cooking. The kitchen area in the family today is an interesting place for women to show their talents. She often changes the menu to make members feel more attractive. She believes that cooking delicious food is a source of joy and happiness.
Be brave, cook well
It can be said that the care and love of culinary girls for their beloved is no less than good girls.

Celebrate often

The world of a culinary girl is very simple. You are under no obligation to eat expensive food at fancy restaurants. Sometimes the popular specialties are enough to move your heart. She is always actively exploring the rich culinary scene. Therefore, she knows every street and alley with delicious dishes very well. Also, she often spends time hanging out with friends. She actively finds places for friends to chat, talk and enjoy many delicious dishes. From there, the relationship gets stronger and stronger. At the same time, she constantly participates in food and cultural fairs. It gathers many famous chefs from different countries of the world. Especially for men, they are often easily defeated by girls who love to eat. That is why our ancestors have a saying: “The quickest way to conquer a man is through the stomach”. Your ideal dating spot is always a restaurant or pub. And most importantly, when you love a girl like this, you never have to ask “What do you want to eat?” and then get the answer “Whatever you eat!”.
With the information above, you must have understood what “Food Girl” is, right? Expand your relationships to make friends or conquer that girl who loves food. Don’t forget to visit Innnewyorkcity VN not to miss lots of HOT news updated every day!

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