GameStop spends more than 2000 billion developing NFT games

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After being embroiled in a stock price drama in January 2021, GameStop announced it would spend VND 2,400 billion to develop NFT games. Before this information from GameStop, many gamers around the world were extremely surprised.

GameStop shows determination to enter the NFT gaming market

Not long ago, GameStop caused a lot of controversy over the incident related to the company’s stock price. The incident even shocked Wall Street when it peaked at $347.51 on Jan. 1, 2021, up 1,800% from the monthly low. By then, the incident was exposed and the main reason was that GameStop was constantly being praised by the Reddit community, pumping prices and urging each other to buy shares of this company, causing the price to rise so high. And when the scandal died down not too long ago, this company caused quite a stir in the gaming community when it officially announced its investment in the NFT gaming segment with a “huge” amount of VND 2400 billion.
GameStop spends more than 2000 billion developing NFT games
With this decision, GameStop has taken the first step into the crypto space with its Layer 2 Immutabke X (IMX) solution to create an NFT trading marketplace. They also work with StarWare to support and resolve technical issues. In addition, in cooperation with Immutable X, this company also announced the establishment of a USD 100 million (approx. VND 2,400 billion) investment fund in the form of tokens, with the main purpose of supporting and promoting the development of the industry. NFT game industry. This shows that NFT games are getting a lot of traction in the gaming industry, it is possible that one day in the future NFT games will dominate the market.
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