Gen Z and Interesting Things You Didn’t Know

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Gen Z or Generation Z is a common term that everyone thinks they understand, but in reality very few people explain what it means. If you are also wondering about the above term, let us find out with Innnewyorkcity through the following article.

What is Generation Z?

Gen Z or Generation Z is a way of referring to the group born after 1996. However, many people often think of this generation as young people born in 2000 or later. Born into a world of technology, easy access to knowledge and plenty of opportunity, Generation Z is also known by many names such as: Zoomers, Net Gen, Gen Tech, Plurals, Generation. Z, iGen, Internet Generation, iGeneration, Gen Wii, Neo-Digital Natives, Digital Natives, Founders, Post-Millennials, Homeland Generation or Post-Millennials…

Currently, Generation Z makes up about a quarter of the world’s population (about 2.6 billion people). In Vietnam, this figure accounts for 25% of the population (about 15 million people). Besides Gen Z, we also have the concept of Gen Y and Gen X.

Why is it called Gen Z?

The name of this generation is actually nothing special just because this generation came after Generation Y. The word Gen Z first appeared in an article in September 2000.

How is Generation Z different from Generation Y?

Most members of Generation Z have been exposed to technology since childhood. Unlike the previous generation, Gen Z childhoods were mostly about phones, computers, and technology games. It’s not surprising that elementary and middle school students are now proficient at using Facebook, Google, Youtube, and Instagram. And of course online trends or weird terms like dong lao, cham zn, e-girl, e-boy, they all know it in the palm of their hand.

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What is different about Generation Z?

Generation Z is considered to be much smarter due to better education, richer sources of information and knowledge, and a much better life. This generation is highly digital, tech-savvy and has higher levels of expertise than Generation Y.
Why is it called Gen Z?

How is Generation Z changing the world trend?

With the arrival of Gen Z, the world has changed dramatically. Almost 100% of young people currently own a smartphone and use social networks. That’s why Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram… have never been so influential. Currently, most of the trends are emerging here, in addition to many famous people of Generation Z with the name Facebooker, Tiktoker also made a massive appearance. Since then, many opportunities and consequences have opened up for this generation.

What are the chances of Generation Z?

Generation Z is showing an unexpected shift in advertising and business strategies. Getting famous online and making money online has never been easier. Traditional advertising is gradually being replaced by social media advertising. Young people have almost more chances of success. Young people also have better access to new technologies, information and knowledge. Things that the previous generation accumulated and tested for Gen Z to learn and thereby avoid mistakes in the future.
How is Genz changing world trends?

What difficulties does a Generation Z person often encounter?

In addition to opportunities, there are also challenges. If it’s much easier to succeed today than it was a generation ago, the likelihood of failure has also increased. Young people can emerge from a particular product, service or trend and be quickly forgotten when it goes downhill or just too many people are copying it. Despite the fact that so many Gen Z people are successful at a young age, many still have low self-esteem. They strive for success and quickly fall into the depths of depression when the results aren’t what they want. That’s why we see that no generation is as successful as Gen Z, but no generation is as sensitive.
Above is all the information about Gen Z and their views on life. If you are part of this generation, I wish you continued success in the future. And if you have a family member from this generation, always be objective and compassionate about the issues that person is facing.

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