Genshin Impact officially launches HoYoWiki

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Genshin Impact was officially introduced to players by HoYoWiki, which is considered the game’s “encyclopedia”. Players are provided with complete information from characters to weapons.

HoYoWiki helps “newbies” get acquainted with Genshin Impact

HoYoWiki is software that collects all the necessary information in Genshin Impact. Currently, this software has a 5-part catalog of information, namely the archive of characters, weapons, artifacts, enemies and monsters, and materials. The character archive contains all the necessary information about the character, the damage multiplier and the required materials.
Genshin Impact officially launches HoYoWiki
HoYoWiki for the newly released Genshin Impact will have a database system that players will see first when entering the game. However, HoYoWiki is still in an early stage and the database is still very poor.
Genshin Impact officially launches HoYoWiki
This software is very useful for new players and makes it easier for “newbies” to access the game.
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