Get 9 tips for safe solo travel.

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Are you planning a self-driving trip? Check out the tips in this article for a safe and comfortable journey.

You should plan your trip in advance. This includes more than just packaging. Drowsiness on the highway is common when drivers lose patience over long distances. In fact According to a study by mattress retailer Sleepy’s, more than 60% of motorists said they grabbed the steering wheel when drowsy.

Taking into account the above statistics You should be cautious when going long distances before getting behind the wheel. Stay awake and keep your energy while you ride. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your next self-driving trip.

Get enough sleep before you leave.

Think about sleepiness before you begin your journey. not after you start traveling Sleep for at least 7 hours two nights in a row before heading out to recharge. It is best to start your journey in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Better after a long tiring day at work. Consider taking a break every 100 km or every 2 hours of driving. Also, try to avoid driving between 1pm and 3pm as your body temperature is cooler than usual. makes you sleepy,” says Dr. Michael Breus.

Eat snacks on the go

Carrying vitamin-rich and nutritious meals means you don’t have to stop every time you pass a snack bar: blogger and travel expert Gretchen Breuner, author of Lessons from the Road

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drink a lot of water

Give it plenty of water to keep it fresh. “The down side is you’ll use the bathroom more,” says Bronner, who spent three months traveling across 19 US states in an RV with his family.


plan to stop

Our experts recommend that one of the most important things about a self-driving trip is to get out of the car and stretch your legs every two hours. plan these stops in principle Sightseeing and photography can be combined to coincide with mealtimes or in scenic locations.


The process of repeated chewing gum increases circulation and alertness. Breus, a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and author of Good Sleep: A 4 Week Diet for Good Sleep and Good Health, says: “You don’t need sweet gum to get a good night’s sleep,” says Breus. yummy.


Invigorating with fragrance

Breus also recommends leaving mint sauce in the car when driving long distances. When you want to change your mood take a deep breath in this scent, he says: “It is a gentle natural energy booster that has been shown to reduce fatigue and increase alertness.

sit up straight

Make sure the chair is tilted to the body for maximum blood circulation. If you feel dizzy while driving Sit upright for a while. “Take a deep breath and feel your whole body,” says yoga teacher and wellness expert Elaine Masters. Lean slightly to the left to stretch.


Entertainment on the go

Long trips can be boring. especially with children The heavy atmosphere can be tiring to drive, so keep your kids entertained with books, puzzles and other games.

listen to audio books

Audiobooks help keep your brain active while driving without distractions. Bruce recommends listening to lighthearted comics. “Laughing wakes you up,” he says.

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