Get to know the 5 most popular game genres in the world

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The virtual world has many genres of games, from role-playing to strategy to sports. Each genre has different characteristics and suits a different group of players. Let’s find out the most popular game genres in the global gaming market with Innnewyorkcity VN today!

RPG – king of game genres

When it comes to the most well-known and popular game genre, RPG is the top contender. RPG stands for the term Role-Play Game, which means role-playing. When you play a typical RPG game, you transform into a character, control the character, and thereby experience the game through the character.

In RPG games you have special abilities and skills or are allowed to interact with the game world with simple to complex actions. For example, if you become a Dragonborn in the hit role-playing game Skyrim, you will learn active and passive skills and be able to improve those skills. Or you can craft weapons or destroy scary monsters in the game to hunt for items and have more terrifying equipment. The ultimate goal of the role-playing game is for you to help your character through plowing or quests to become stronger with good equipment and improve strength stats. Role-playing games are an extremely popular genre as most games nowadays allow you to transform into characters and live their stories. On the contrary, many players also love this genre as they immerse themselves in a different world with a different life. Typical role-playing games that we can mention are: The RPG series also has many other variations, such as:

  • MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
  • ARPG – Action RPG: Action RPG is a combination of role-playing game and action game. In terms of popularity, ARPG series is the most popular of all game genres today.
  • CRPG – Computer Role Playing Games: Role playing game on the computer.
  • LARP – Live Action Roleplaying Game: Live Roleplaying Game. This is a real game where you have to dress up as a character.
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SLG and popular genres of strategy games

SLG – Simulation Game is a game genre for players with “big brains” who like to arrange formations and direct tactics. SLG isn’t a game series for everyone, and having money isn’t necessarily its strongest point. But if you have a lot of money…
SLG and popular genres of strategy games
However, to become a master of the SLG series, you must have excellent resource management and utilization skills. In addition, the game requires extensive knowledge to appropriately use and utilize all resources. In addition, roster formation, staging and movement are also extremely important if you want to become a talented leader. The SLG genre is divided into 2 sub-branches:

  • RTS – Real-Time Strategy: Real-time strategy game.
  • TBS – Turn-Based Strategy: turn-based strategy game.

Popular SLG games include:

  • Ngo Long.
  • Imperial Period I and II.
  • Red Alert 2.
  • Rise of Kingdoms.
  • World of Warcraft.
  • star ship.

MOBA – One of the most played game genres in the world

When talking about the games with the most players in the world, you always have to talk about the MOBA series. MOBA, short for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, puts players in an arena or limited map, and those players are split into 2 or more factions to fight each other.
MOBA – One of the most played game genres in the world
Simply put, MOBA is an online arena where players will do whatever it takes to defeat their opponents. Of course, the timing of this series is real-time, so MOBAs have many features similar to ARTS real-time strategy action games. In the MOBA world, players transform into a single character. With an RPG-like gameplay, you will do everything to make your character stronger enough to fight the enemy. Classic MOBA games often divide the player into two opposing factions, and the game only ends when one side surrenders or the other side’s main house is destroyed. The flow of a Moba game will go like this: Farm (kill monsters) – level up, buy items (experience points and money from farming) – defeat opponents – destroy the main house. Classic Moba games hitting the market today include:

  • League of Legends.
  • Brave Arena.
  • League of Legends: Speed ​​War.
  • bragging.
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Sports – The sports game series has never been out of date

Although not considered one of the most popular game genres, the sports series has always had its place in the market. Thanks to the high and direct competition, sports genre games are still easy to attract users. Through matches between real sports, players experience the feeling of professional athletes. When you play sports games you are manager, coach, manager as well as player. In some football games you can swap or transfer players, budget management is also extremely interesting if you plan to expand the team or just downsize.
Sports – The sports game series has never been out of date
Some typical sports games are:

Casual – Leading the way in the mobile gaming genre

Many people think that RPG is the game genre that dominates both PC and mobile, but in reality casual is the ruler of mobile game genres. Casual (popular game) is a game genre that is diverse in gameplay and content but extremely simple. This genre only requires quick reflexes, a little logic is enough to pass the screen.
Casual – The leader in the mobile gaming genre
Because most of the casual games are jigsaw puzzles, obstacle courses, jigsaw puzzles, etc. You will experience them with simple and easy-to-understand gameplay. It can be said that casual games are born for everyone. However, don’t underestimate casual games because most of them are the golden eggs of mobile game publishers. The graphic design of the casual game is as simple as the gameplay itself. Usually, games of this genre have pretty cute and not too colorful images. Classic casual games include:
Above is a list of the most popular game genres in the global market today, along with some typical titles to experience. I hope you gathered useful information from Innnewyorkcity VN!

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