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The late 1900s – early 2000s period is often referred to by the older generation as the “Golden Age of Tourism”. Air services and airlines at the time were busy, enthusiastic and had a classic beauty. Of course there are many people who have searched for these “golden” moments and captured them photographically – like the photographer Brian Finke.

Brian Finke has spent years researching, learning about and documenting these unique developments in the service industry in his book Flight Attendant. For two years in a row he has traveled the skies on iron birds, observing the lives of flight attendants for Delta Air Lines, Hooters Air, Southwest, Air France, British Airways, Air Asia and other airlines. Dozens of other airlines. In his photos, flight attendants with perfectly styled hair and a small hat smile at the camera or concentrate on their work. They look like professional models appearing in a flashy travel magazine.

Tiger Airways, Singapore, 2006 The flight attendant profession is said to have originated in the 1930s, originally they were just hospital nurses hired to look after passengers on airplanes as nurses were supposed to be nurses. They are all gentle and patient people – ideal airline candidates. Then petite women were also “in demand” who could effortlessly meander through the narrow aisles of early airplanes. Gradually, this profession became an attractive field for young women to access a broader career vision, have the opportunity to live more independently, travel often, meet their partners and life partners. Potential. Some see it as a stepping stone on the way to becoming a model or actor.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 2

Christy, Southwest Airlines, 2004.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 3

Sara, Iceland Air, 2006. In the foreword to Brian Finke’s book, writer Alix Browne writes, “The way Finke uses photography to address flight attendants doesn’t feel too nostalgic, but it does feel too nostalgic. We meet them, young women who, in their own moments, are so familiar that they’re nothing special – piloting the flight safely, smiling and waving like they’re playing a commercial. Today, the flight attendant profession has become more professional and more familiar to society, but most people still see it as a “separate” job in a completely separate world, Browne also said. turn. The truth is flight attendants are just like us, they are ordinary people with ordinary lives.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 4

Yumiko Cathay, Pacific Airways, 2006.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 5

Delta Airlines, 2003.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 6

Cathay, Pacific Airways, 2006.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 7

British Aviation, 2005.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 8

Roshayati, Air Asia, 2006. “Here in this series of photos are beautiful young women in uniform like little soldiers, a little trendy and a little funny. They also do the job that we do. I still do it every day: leaving the house to go to work, buying a toothbrush, playing pool, ironing clothes…”.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 9

Sarah, Hooters Air, 2005.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 10

Wenyi and Kate, Tiger Airways, 2006.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 11

Kikuchi and Imada, Aviation Japan, 2006.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 12

Lily and Azriza, Air Asia, 2006.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 13

Unnur, Icelandair, 2006.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 14

Sara, Icelandair, 2006.

A "golden era" of flight attendants - 15

Alan, British Airways, 2005 (The only male flight attendant in the film).

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