Grand World Food Court – The convergence of culinary quintessence of the world Phu Quoc

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After hours of fun and delight, Grand World Food Center is the ‘must visit’ destination of ‘diners’ in the journey to discover the Phu Quoc United Center Super tourist complex.

Phu Quoc is known as the Pearl Island. This place not only has romantic beaches, 5-star resorts but also a particularly rich source of seafood. Fresh seafood processed according to Phu Quoc recipe brings unforgettable taste.

If you’ve been to Singapore and love the colorful and bustling food courts, stop by. Grand World Culinary CenterYou will be amazed at this unique culinary world!

In the heart of Grand World after spending a good time in the amusement park and shopping district. It’s time to enjoy the busiest and most diverse food court. Phu Quoc cuisineThere is a seafood stall where you are free to choose what you want and you can enjoy it with your friends at the center table.

Colorful Pearl Island seafood paradise

Famous for fresh seafood All specialties have now been put into the food court for visitors to fully enjoy. The caught seafood will be shipped to Grand World. Store them in large bins to maintain freshness. And process immediately according to the customer’s request, find what to eat when the guests come. Grand World Culinary Center.

First of all, the famous Hamnin club. Phu Quoc SpecialtiesThe crabs are bright red, firm, seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon and chili. Just put the white in your mouth and chew slowly to feel the sweetness. The strong taste of crabs mixed with the sour and spicy taste of salt creates a real “sea” flavor.

Sea urchins are nutritious seafood that can be eaten in many ways. Sea urchins can be eaten raw with mustard. Bake Spicy Onions or cook into sweet and savory porridge. No matter how you do it. The greasy umami flavor that you feel as soon as you step into the food street is charming.

Great Food World

Have you heard of crab soup? The typical dishes of Phu Quoc with crab meat and crab blood, coriander, perilla, basil, peanuts are restaurants not to be missed when coming to the pearl island. Phu Quoc Reunification Center Taste this one-of-a-kind specialty! In addition, other seafood such as sea cucumber, snail and herring salad will make your seafood party more lively.


Discover more detailed and convenient Phu Quoc travel experiences you need to know to have a complete tour of the pearl island.

Phu Quoc’s famous breakfast

Refers to “appealing” good food. Phu Quoc Tourism Not to mention the famous noodle dish. This unusual and interesting name has a lot of meanings. Cha-Om is special for bowls of vermicelli and is made with fresh shrimp or fish mixed with warm broth.

When eating, stir well so that the shrimp, fish, and tom yum are cooked evenly, the taste is sweet. The right way to eat vermicelli is to put 1/3 cup of dipping sauce in a bowl, stir continuously until the broth is cloudy like rice water, and then “spray and eat” by processing ingredients at that point. Bring a new breeze to the taste of the dining table

Great Food World

Beside the spring rain Grand World Culinary Center There are also vermicelli shops with a strange name that is not ‘Ken’ of Mon Tre, the attraction of this dish lies in the fragrant broth, meat and fat made from seafood that are uniquely processed. Vermicelli served with papaya salad, raw bean sprouts, herbs… to make the dish more fragrant.

Great Food World

Sim Wine – Gift of Phu Quoc Nature

Spice up your Phu Quoc trip with this sweet sim wine! The wine is attractive and leaves a sweet aftertaste from the first sip.

In order to cook delicious myrtle, the ripe myrtle must be picked. washed and cleaned and aged in large vats with yeast and sugar for about a month. By the time it turns red like wine It has a slightly sweet and intense taste. And it was well cooked!

Great Food World

A little sim wine is the best choice when enjoying seafood at Grand World Food Court or as a gift after visiting Phu Quoc.

Enjoy Phu Quoc cuisine at ‘City that never sleeps’ Grand World – The new heart of the pearl island With top facilities and 15 must-see check-in points such as Love Park, Teddy Bear Museum, venice channelrecital “The quintessence of Vietnam”The “outstanding” food court, carnival and vibrant music at Tropical Dance Square. A trip to Phu Quoc will be an unforgettable experience.

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On the occasion of the opening on April 21, the super complex of tourism, resort and entertainment Phu Quoc United Center launched a series of promotions with shocking discounts. Grand World Culinary Center – The convergence of the culinary quintessence of Phu Quoc in the world

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