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Grand World Phu Quoc is the place that impresses me the most when experiencing the nightlife here, the colors, the good music, and the excitement of its own.

Calling the city that does not sleep is clumsy in many journeys. Grand World Phu Quoc This is the place that impressed me the most. I found myself completely in the middle of the night here. They are the soft and sweet melodies of the setting sun. the hustle and bustle of the night market The bright colors of the lively bar…

Immerse yourself in the music at Tropical Dance Square.

My friend and I made a wise decision to go to Pearl Island when Phu Quoc United Center opened. We have long wanted to enjoy music and watch the sunset in the sea square in the heart of Grand World.

to do this We walked to the sea in the late afternoon. so eagerly awaiting the performance of “Wow Sunset – Stranger or Muse” I’ve seen Tropical Dance Square from afar, but as I stand here and officially join the crowd, I’m curious

The performance we attended was the first in the Wow Sunset series which would repeat the next day. During this time the sun gradually secreted horizons in the west And the whole sky dyed a shimmering red-orange. This creates a warm and dreamy space.

We laughed, sang and danced to sweet and wonderful music under the sun. Those moments are truly amazing and memorable. full of happy emotions Not only for me but also for the people watching the concert.

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Lost in the middle of the Grand World Phu Quoc night market – a sleepless shopping paradise

After taking a break from the Wow Sunset show, get excited to head to the night market. Grand World Phu QuocThe market is a large and colorful space where thousands of people gather to watch dazzling EDM performances to celebrate the release date.

Night market stalls lined up nearby. This place sells a variety of food and drinks, handicrafts, Phu Quoc specialties and many interesting gifts.

Grand World Phu Quoc 3

The attractive eateries here have helped me satisfy my hunger after exploring the city that never sleeps. I found fresh seafood cooked to order.

Friendly vendors at the seafood stall showcase grilled sea urchin with onions, boiled crab and other fresh seafood.

Enjoy your satiation at Mallorca’s Pub Bar Street.

After lunch Our group wandered to Mallorca’s Pub Bar street, which is famous for being the most vibrant. Grand World Phu QuocWe’ve also heard that once you get to Grand World, you won’t be able to sleep because 24 hours of fun is never enough.

I completely understood until I stood on Mallorca Street. The long street lined with bustling bars and pubs lures visitors with its mesmerizing tunes.

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JC FUN PUB captivates us at first sight with its luxurious and elegant appearance. This is the place we choose to end our relaxing night trip in the sleepless city of Grand World Phu Quoc.

The store greeted us with dim lights and colorful music. In addition to eye-catching drinks and food, I and my friends were also very impressed with the interesting drinking performance at JC FUN PUB.

Grand World Phu Quoc5

If you like Mediterranean atmosphere Blue Ocean is the perfect place for a night out in the city that never sleeps. This is a bistro with a mix of Italian romance and vibrancy.

We enjoy a vibrant and colorful space 24 hours a day. Grand World Phu QuocEspecially overnight travel in the city that never sleeps. It gave me a unique taste and experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

And you are sure to have unforgettable experiences, plan a day and spend the summer day exploring. Phu Quoc Reunification Center.

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