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Phu Quoc Wau Island Race Marathon 2021 will be a great experience for you and your family during the upcoming holidays of April 30 and May 1.

Phu Quoc Wow Island Race 2021 is a running race associated with Vinpearl combining resort, entertainment and sports activities, sponsored solely by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It also contributes to promoting Phu Quoc tourism.

What makes Phu Quoc Wow Island Race 2021 so special?

The Phu Quoc Wow Island Race 2021 Marathon will continue to be organized by Vinpearl with 3 distances for athletes. Participating in a race gives athletes the chance to outdo themselves and finish the race with family, loved ones, friends, and even non-professional runners.

Phu Quoc Wow Island Race 2021 is professionally organized with the desire to convey sustainable living values ​​to Vietnamese people. sustainable health Sustainable tourism is the message that makes Phu Quoc’s memorable event. The race is one of the opening events of Phu Quoc United Centre, one of Asia’s leading resort and entertainment complexes.

WOW Island Race 2021 2

As mentioned above, athletes can register for this exciting race starting on March 24 and starting the race on April 29. The race has three distances that you can participate in. If you want to run with a view of Phu Quoc, the 5km distance is perfect. The 10 km distance is a bit more difficult. The 21 km distance is for professional athletes and those who want to conquer themselves.

Great experience of the Wau Phu Quoc Island Race 2021

1. Experience running through the primeval forest Vinwanders Safari

The journey of Phu Quoc Wau Island Race 2021 will take you through forest trips and indigenous exploration. This place is home to wild animals and vinwanders. The majestic natural scenery and wonderful world are the miracles that you can experience while jogging.

2. Help children develop awareness of the world around them.

Phu Quoc Wau Island Race 2021 is especially aimed at families. Parents and children will have unforgettable experiences on this special trip. Through orchids, children can improve their awareness of the world around them: the primeval forest, the fierce world of nature. flamingos, gibbons, foxes, giraffes and a magical Aquarium World with splendid beauty. Views of VinWonders

3. Experience and overcome the first milestones with your child.

Participating in running tournaments, children have the opportunity to interact and explore nature while having fun and enjoying this sport. It would be great if parents could witness the end of a 5km or so ride together. Parents can also capture the wonderful moments of their children. In nature on Pearl Island It will be a meaningful, memorable and sporty album.

Jogging is also an opportunity for runners to relieve stress. Release all stress And have a moment of overwhelming happiness.

WOW Island Race 2021 3

4. Enjoy attractive deals and combos of Vinpearl Phu Quoc

Athletes participating in the Wau Phu Quoc Island Race 2021 will enjoy many attractive combos for the whole family. Parents and children can spend romantic moments together, such as jogging for the morning sun.

WOW Island Race 2021 4

In the evening, it’s time to dress up as ‘Chill’ and go see the WOW Sunset Show, the first water music performance to welcome the sunset at sea in Vietnam, which is one of the center’s opening events.

In addition, the organizers of Vinpearl also support athletes with many attractive travel packages. Includes surprise offers and fees.

Here’s some cool info and stuff. from the contest Phu Quoc Island Contest 2021Running is an extremely meaningful and ideal activity for young people and their families to combine an exciting sport with a relaxing activity.


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