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The trend of confessing love is very popular on social networks. So that more people can tell everyone about the hidden corners, sad stories, the darkest things in their lives.

what is confession

Confession means confession or saying secret words. This is seen as a way to express the stories the author wants to tell while still keeping his identity a secret, not letting people know who he is, and not invading his private life.

In particular, groups and organizations set up a confessions page, which is run by one or more people as administrators to administer this page. People in the group or following the page have to tell a story, they can send it to the people who manage that group. After distilling, the manager posted on his confessions page. What is special about this trend is that the identity of the poster is kept secret, even the admin of the site cannot know who the person who posted the information is.

Where does this trend come from?

This is a trend that originated in western countries. And started coming to Vietnam from a few sides of a small group of Amsterdam schools. After a short time, this trend was very popular with young people.

What is the subject of the confessional pages?

The topics are varied. It can be an entertaining, humorous story. Or they can also be stories with many humanistic meanings. Or it could be someone’s message to their friends. It can also be the secret confidants who don’t dare to talk about a certain boy or girl.

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The great things that the confession trend brings

It can be said that this movement has brought many undeniable benefits to the participants since its inception. The advantages that this trend brings can be mentioned as follows:

A place to share secrets

Sometimes the feelings contained in your heart do not know anyone, but friendship confessions will give you the courage to confess everything, to tell everyone your secret stories.
The great things that the confession trend brings
If you get rid of anxiety, your mood will be much better as well. Especially the secrets are shared, but it is important that not everyone knows who its owner is.

community connection

Many love confession sites on social networks attract a large number of participants. Therefore, this room not only has small stories, but also contains good messages from the stories brought here. Sometimes you write down lines of trust that got stuck in life. Also, it helps you to alleviate the problems in your heart. You will also receive sincere advice on how to realize the true values ​​of life. For those who read Confessions regularly, they will collect many good stories and add to their living capital. For example, you will know what signs of bad guys to avoid, or take appropriate action to avoid bad behavior that compromises your safety.

An effective money-making tool

The confession is a powerful tool for making money
That is absolutely right. There are many fan sites that have increased the number of interactions with confessions very quickly. Especially the unique stories, happy and sad, difficult, happy, easier to empathize with and more contagious. High engagement allows you to market and monetize your brand. There will be many companies that rely on the “awful” interactions you have to promote products and services. And of course you get a commission from it.

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The hidden corner from the “confession” trend

We cannot deny the benefits that the Confession movement brings to a large number of users. Behind it, however, are those who use this camouflage to do bad things or have wrong views of young people.
Hidden corner off
There are many people who have taken advantage of confession to turn this place into a place where they slander, attack and ridicule each other. You can say their name and possibly hurt that person. Or many teenagers have some misleading psychological components. Therefore, this trend is like a double-edged sword. The parties involved must be very careful to avoid any negative impact on the community.
Innnewyorkcity VN hopes that sharing above has given you more useful information about declaration of love trend. Weigh the pros and cons of joining the “sectarian” movement to capitalize on the good and avoid the bad!

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