Green tourism trend is popular with young people

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Climate change and environmental pollution are becoming more and more serious. Therefore, green tourism has become a trend that many people are interested in, especially young people.

Green tourism Also known as sustainable tourism. It is a kind of eco-friendly tourism that is related to nature. and play an important role in protecting biodiversity, culture and communities, and making a positive contribution.

run a marathon for health

In the past few years Travel trend that combines sport and exercise is the most popular. The most prominent is the Phu Quoc Marathon” and other locations. with a beautiful road
The theme of marathon combined with tourism has actively contributed to promoting tourism. improve human health Promote tourism, i.e. economic development of the region.

“Wow Vinpearl Marathon Phu Quoc” – The First Run Across the Pearl Island In Vietnam Every athlete’s footprint adds value to Phu Quoc’s ‘Sustainable Tourism’

Go to farm style

Farmer-style tourism is a form of tourism for those who love nature and the environment. have a passion for discovery And can contribute their own efforts in each trip.

World famous agricultural tourism. In recent years, many farms, orchards, flower gardens, orchards … in Vietnam have become attractive destinations for tourists to check in, learn about and produce agricultural products themselves.

green travel trend

green travel trend

green travel trend

Travel doubles as education for children.

Traveling with a heart that teaches poor children is also an eco-friendly journey.

This is not a new trend, but those who choose this form of tourism are spreading meaningful messages about knowledge and words to children in poor villages and groups.

In addition, some young people choose to teach foreign languages ​​in the countries they visit, bring knowledge to the host community, and exchange and exchange cultures.

green travel trend

Limit the use of plastic when traveling.

It is not easy for anyone to deny the daily use of plastic, however, many young travelers today are realizing that green tourism needs to limit the use of plastic and instead use things that are easy to recycle. , Environmental friendliness.

green travel trend

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