Gumayusi: “T1 will successfully avenge RNG”

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Faced with a very strong opponent, RNG, in the Quarterfinals of Worlds 2022, Gumayusi and his teammates showed great confidence.

Gumayusi believes that T1 will reach the semifinals of Worlds 2022

At the MSI 2022 finals, T1 suffered a bitter defeat against RNG. And meeting again in the Worlds 2022 quarterfinals will be a very good opportunity for the Korean No. 2 to “get revenge”.

Gumayusi says: “Both T1 and RNG are different from when they participated in MSI 2022. Meeting them again is a great opportunity, we will beat them and go straight to the semifinals.”
At this moment, Gumayusi and his teammates are in extremely high form. In particular, the LCK team made it “exhausting” in both the first and second legs for the 2021 world champion. Currently, RNG’s tired images due to Covid T1 makes T1 more confident for the upcoming competition.
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