Ha Long Dragon Eye Island – Escape from the ‘extreme cold’ in the middle of the blue sea.

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Dragon Eye Island Ha Long is still wild and pristine and is a must-see place in Quang Ninh. Coming here, you will enjoy the fresh air. Blue water, long white sand beach and many other special experiences

Ha Long dragon eye island Although it is still new, it quickly attracts tourists with its charming beauty. If you want to explore this island, the travel experiences should not be missed. Experience activities And how to choose the best resort hotel in the following articles.

1. What are the coordinates of Yong Yan Island?

Referring to Quang Ninh, many people will only remember Koto Island, By Tolong Bay or Hello Week Island. Few people know that here there is an island called Dragon’s Eye. the place is filled with poetic beauty of nature and impresses everyone.

Locals call it Ha Long. Dragon Eye Island Dong Bai Dong Island Hong Long Island This island is located in the south of Ha Long Bay. It is a world natural heritage site and bordering Hai Phong is the water source of Lan Ha Bay

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Ha Long Dragon Eye Island is 30 hectares wide.The entire island is surrounded by vast limestone and natural white grasslands. From above looking down This island looks like a dragon head. The lake in the middle looks like a dragon’s eye. That’s why tourists call the island Dragon’s Eye.

Tourism services here are not fully developed. So, exploring the scenery of Yongyan Island only takes one day. To ensure that the holiday is not interrupted in the middle of the trip, you can combine it with the Ha Long tour, before that you will need to choose a suitable stopover for the journey between Dragon Eye and other attractions. here. Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long Perfect choice for you

Located on Leu Island, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long is the only hotel in the complex of Ha Long Bay. Magnificent resort with great location. facilities and panoramic views of the natural wonders of the world, from here you can easily go to many different places. Attractive Quang Ninh Quang Ninh Museum (approx. 11 km), Ha Long Night Market (approximately 2.7 km), Tuan Chau Harbor (10 km) and more…

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2. Cheapest and most convenient way to get to Dragon Island

like a tourist city Dragon Eye Island, Ha Long quite convenient Tourists from provinces outside Ha Long city go through two stages. One is to move to Ha Long city. Then, continue from Ha Long to Dragon’s Eye Island. You can choose to travel in a variety of ways.

2.1.Bus from Hanoi to Ha Long

Hanoi is about 160 km from Ha Long city.It takes about 4 hours by bus. Using the Hanoi-Hai Phong expressway cuts that time in half. There are many bus companies using this shuttle service such as Anh Huy Garage, Ninh Quynh Garage, Hoang Phu Garage, Ka Long Garage.

Bus time and pick up location vary greatly, this way you can contact and reserve the nearest pick up point in advance. Bus fares from Hanoi to Ha Long range from VND 120,000 to VND 250,000 one way, depending on the bus company, operating hours and vehicle type selected.

2.2. Travel to Yong’an Island by private car

If you are traveling by your own car You should prepare enough fuel and fitness for the 160km journey. You can also take the route from Hanoi via Bac Ninh to Hai Duong with a stop in Ha Long.

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The journey takes about 3 hours depending on your speed. This journey will let you explore more beautiful scenes before coming to the resort.

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2.3. Traveling by train

Many people choose to travel to Ha Long by train, in Hanoi, the train leaves Gia Lam station at 7:05 am every day, the journey to beautiful Ha Long takes about 5 hours.

Ha Long Express – The operator of this route displays a one-way fare of USD 5 for Vietnamese citizens. For foreigners, the fare is 15 USD/way/person. Traveling by train offers travelers new experiences.

2.4. Charter a boat to Dragon’s Eye Island, Ha Long

Take a taxi or motorbike taxi to Bai Chay Bridge, then take a boat to Ha Long Bay. Rent a boat to the island Please contact Le Hoang Truong Sa Co., Ltd in advance.

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Ticket price depends on the number of people traveling together, usually each boat costs about 2-6 million VND, in addition to going from Bai Chay bridge, you can also go to Koh Madrong from Jumbo Ocean pier in Row 5, Xien Street. Ms. 5., Ha Long City The travel time to the island from these 2 locations is 30-45 minutes.

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3. The right time to travel to Koh Hong

Dragoneye Halong Island can be visited all year round, however, the best time to visit Dragoneye Island is summer (April to June). The climate on the island is quite warm. Clear weather and lush greenery

especially a coastal tourist city. Summer is also the most exciting time to visit Ha Long. There are many interesting experiences from Koh Yongyan and attractions around the island.

according to tourists’ experience Avoid visiting the island in July and August. This is the time when Quang Ninh island often suffers from heavy rain and storms. For safety Do not move the boat

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4. What to do on the mysterious Hong Long Island?

Visitors can’t help but marvel at the magnificent beauty of the “Dragon’s Pearl” in the heart of Ha Long Bay. This plant still retains the natural features that the Creator has bestowed on it because few people know it.

  • Camping, team building: Yongyan Island has a natural white sand beach 400m long, here visitors can organize camping, organize team-building activities to bond emotionally and spiritually after a tiring working day. This will be an extremely enjoyable experience for you and your friends and family.
  • Kayaks, hot air balloons: When you arrive at the island You can prepare a spaceship or a kayak. The lake is not very deep so it is relatively safe, but you should bring some safety gear when participating in these activities.
  • to the sea: Of course, with the advantage of a rather deep lake located in the middle of the island, visitors coming here will not be able to ignore swimming and immersing in nature. And don’t forget to record your surreal beautiful moments on this beautiful beach!

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Please refer to and find places with full facilities and quality services to make your vacation trip complete. Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long Suitable for trips to Quang Ninh dragon eye island and Ha Long city.

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5. Special dishes of mysterious dragons

open service Dragon Eye Island, Ha Long Because it is not yet developed, tourists coming here have to prepare food. Ha Long coastal city offers many rich and attractive dishes. especially famous seafood You can prepare in advance and bring along in your journey to discover Yongyan Island, including:

  • Squid Sticky Rice: If you come to Ha Long, you must definitely try this local dish. The sweetness of grilled squid served with lam rice and the aroma of country sticky rice mixed with fish sauce mixed with chili creates an unmatched taste.
  • Season: It is a delicious, crispy and sweet seafood dish. If you are visiting Ha Long Why not try and enjoy the difference in processing?

halong knife

  • boring: They are shaped like clams but one size larger. Delicious seafood is only available in Port City, grilled, steamed or fried, you can enjoy the delicious taste of the sea.
  • Cake Nod: The long cake is as soft as four rolls. Called a nod because when holding the cake will fall in many different directions. Ha Long specialties, shredded chicken dipped with fish sauce, chili sauce and fried onions will stimulate the taste buds.

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6. Notes when traveling to Ha Long Dragon Eye Island

traveling Koh Ta Mungkorn, Ha Long To get the most benefit Please note the following:

  • If you want to stay overnight on the island You will need camping gear, sleeping bags, food and water. There are very few stalls here. So if you want to buy these basics you can’t buy Overnight on the Island, you’re not ready.
  • After traveling, camping, team building activities on the island Don’t forget to clean up the trash and keep the island clean.
  • You should have all the necessary emergency supplies, such as medicine and a flashlight. For those of you who want to live virtual Don’t forget to dress up in your most luxurious photo shoot. In particular, you need to bring sunscreen to comfortably play in the hot summer sun. There may be mosquitoes and other insects in the evening, please bring long clothes.

Ha Long Knife

Koh Ta Mungkorn, Ha Long The natural beauty of the forest is surrounded by blue sky, water and various plants. It is definitely an interesting attraction for every visitor. Hopefully the information provided in this article will bring you a journey to explore the beautiful island to the fullest. Don’t forget to make a reservation in advance.

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