Ha Long Old Town – The ‘genuine’ district makes visitors’ hearts flutter

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Ha Long Old Town is an ideal destination and attracts many tourists when coming to Quang Ninh, let’s explore the “hot” activities here!

Ha Long Ancient City The harmony between tradition and modernity attracts visitors. It is also the place where many interesting entertainment activities take place. Going to Ha Long old town, traveling to Quang Ninh without checking in is a pity.

1. What is Ha Long Ancient Capital?

  • address: Ha Long Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long, Quang Ninh
  • Business hours: 24/24
  • fare: Free admission

Ha Long trip A familiar choice for travel enthusiasts The city is famous for its cave area. Fishing village, beach … as a new tourist attraction Ha Long old town attracts a lot of tourists. The blend of modern and traditional This place has become a “fascinating” check-in place for many visitors.

Ha Long Ancient City

Ha Long Old Town, also known as Bai Chay old town, also known as ‘miniature Vietnam’, if you have the opportunity to go to Quang Ninh, I recommend you to visit this hidden district because it is located next to Sun Park. World Halong Complex , so when looking for directions You can ask the locals for the most convenient way.

2. Ha Long Old Town, very cool check-in point

It’s a Ha Long tourist spot Often associated with marine tourism activities, however, if you want to discover a beauty similar to Hoi An Ancient Town or Hanoi 36 Streets in Quang Ninh. You can go to Old Beach – Little Vietnam.

This street is designed with unique architecture. Owning two buildings, one depicts the ancient city of Hoi An and Hanoi, the other is a busy business activity. This is to help you have the most “virtual” photos that are the ground.

2.1 Hoi An Ancient Town, Ha Long Center

Taking pictures of Hoi An’s colorful check-in will make your trip to Ha Long Old Town more special, it sounds very new, but it is so beautiful that many visitors to this coastal town are excited.

Ha Long Ancient City

Bai Chay Old Town faithfully reproduces the image of Hoi An Ancient Town. Tourists can immediately notice this in the houses close together. where every house is dyed in ancient yellow with confetti and colorful lanterns Hoi An style street in the heart of Ha Long gives you the freedom to take beautiful check-in photos.

2.2 Hanoi Old Quarter in the heart of Ha Long

Hanoi’s 36 streets are a familiar sight to both domestic and international tourists. The small Hanoi Old Quarter in Ha Long tourist area will bring you a lot of excitement.

Ha Long Ancient City

due to smart and sophisticated design and construction Many people come to Bai Chay old town thinking they are walking in the middle of the capital. Although it is difficult to replicate the vibrancy and bustle of Ha Thanh, the colorful streets of Hanoi provide indescribable excitement to visitors from all over the world as they explore the place. this beautiful. Attractive Quang Ninh.

3. What to play in Ha Long old town?

It would be a pity if you missed Bai Chay Old Town during your Ha Long trip. Eat and drink here as there are so many activities to do. Many tourists are so absorbed in the scenery that they forget the way home.

  • Eat seafood: Seafood dishes such as halibut, grilled squid, sumptuous texture are a must try. Bai Chau tourism – Quan Ninh, a street food stall selling seafood at attractive prices.

Ha Long Ancient City

  • Join a lively bar/pub: Bars and pubs are vibrant places for young people. Visitors can visit these places to relax and immerse themselves in the vibrant world of music.
  • Drinking coffee: Enjoying a cup of coffee in a quiet and beautiful setting is very ‘cold’ for many people. In addition, the drink menu of these bars is quite diverse.
  • Admire the shimmering beauty of Bai Chay Bridge This place is called “Ha Long’s Guitar”, the beauty of Cau Bai will stand out at night with brilliant lights. create a feeling of calm and relaxation

Ha Long Ancient City

  • Relax at the foot massage room: Don’t forget to experience relaxation at a foot massage parlor in Bai Chay old town. This service has a low price. So you can try the service with your friends and relatives.
  • Shopping: Because it is a busy and bustling street. Shopping here is very popular. You can buy the usual tourist gifts at shops in Ha Long old town.

4. What to eat in Ha Long Old Town?

Ha Long – Quang Ninh is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes. It also attracts visitors with many common dishes. In Ha Long Old Town You can enjoy “everything” of these famous local dishes to the fullest.

  • Quang Ninh dishes: Coming to a famous beach resort, it is impossible not to enjoy the delicacies of the sea, coming to Quang Ninh you can choose simple dishes such as boredom, steamed shrimp, red snapper, porcupine, ba khia, dried shrimp. peel off…

Ha Long Ancient City

  • Three-region dishes: Bai Chay old town also has a number of restaurants serving three-region cuisine. If you stay here for a few days you can change your taste.
  • Drink coffee, milk tea: This is a necessary hobby of many young people. Ha Long Old Quarter has famous coffee and milk tea brands such as Tocotoco, Ding Tea, Café Cong, Hon Gai Coffee & Lounge.
  • Ha Long pearl yogurt: Kang Ninh’s famous dessert is yogurt. Although it exists in many big cities, the original Ha Long yogurt still has a very distinctive taste.

Ha Long Ancient City

  • Ha Long squid cake: This is one of the 50 best Vietnamese dishes. Many tourists favorably choose this type of food as a gift after the trip.

In fact, visitors need not worry. What to eat in Ha Long This old street has many restaurants and eateries “lost” in the culinary world and offers food at “super cheap” prices.

5. Recommended hotels in Ha Long Old Town

Ha Long pays great attention to tourism development investment, with a diverse system of hotels, motels and homestays for visitors to choose from. halong old townmust choose Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long.

Ha Long Ancient City

Its location is only 3.5 km from the Old Town, so it is very convenient for traveling, in addition, the system of rooms is praised as the most comfortable and modern. The resort offers resort types such as swimming pools and spas. There is also a first-class restaurant and bar system to help you relax and enjoy yourself.

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Ha Long Ancient City

Especially, Vinpearl has applied the program. Pearl club member Including benefits with 1-0-2 exclusively for cardholders and relatives:

  • free 02 Stay in hotels/resorts throughout the system
  • Maximum additional discount ten percent Room Rates, five% Sightseeing and experience prices
  • arrive 50% Food service and field fees
  • Free card opening, free card maintenance

Pearl club membership card

>>> The number of Club Pearl cards is limited. So find out and register today to enjoy exclusive resort benefits in the Vinpearl ecosystem.

6. Other attractions around Ha Long Old Town

In addition to traveling to Bai Chay old town, you can also refer to some of the nearby places below to schedule a full exploration of this beautiful city.

  • Quang Ninh Museum: As a check-in point visited by many people, Quang Ninh Museum is one of the most beautiful architectural works in our country. Not far from Bai Chay old town.

Ha Long Ancient City

  • West City: This place belongs to Sun Premier Villa Ha Long Bay commercial district, the splendid architecture of each block is likened to the scenery of European cities. in which you can enjoy virtual life.
  • Sun World Ha Long Park Also known as Ha Long Park, is the largest entertainment center in the North. Visitors can take the cable car to enjoy the view and take pictures in the unique and colorful architectural space of the park.

Ha Long Ancient City

  • Baijai Beach: Make your way to Bai Chai Beach, not far from Ha Long Old Town. that you will have time to take pictures at your leisure The fine white sand beach with green palm trees and crystal clear blue water also brings relaxation and peace to visitors during their journey.

Quang Ninh Tourism It really helps people to rest after a long day of work. A destination near Bai Chay Old Town is an essential choice when planning your itinerary to explore the area.

Ha Long Ancient City maybe Ha Long tourist spot Perfect for relaxing and having fun with friends and family. This place is also a very hot check-in point for visitors to record memorable moments during their trip. For a safe and fulfilling journey It is necessary to consider where to stay. and choose the nearest hotel/resort for easy travel between popular attractions

>>> Book a room now at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long and enjoy a wonderful stay, especially in Ha Long Old Town in particular and Quang Ninh in general!

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