Ha Tien sticky rice – the quintessence of Kien Giang cuisine

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Ha Dien sticky rice is delicious with the aroma of sticky rice. Sticky rice is processed into two types: salty sticky rice and sweet sticky rice. It is the menu that attracts tourists to Khian Sang.

Sticky rice is a popular dish in many regions. Ha Tien sticky rice The aroma of glutinous rice, the greasy taste of coconut milk and the eye-catching color. Ha tien travelTo better understand the culinary culture of the region You should take the time to enjoy sticky rice.

1. What does Ha Tien sticky rice breakfast look like?

Many visitors to Ha Tien land can’t help but exclaim: “Ha Dien rice is not only delicious. But also very beautiful, rainbow colors, fragrant sticky rice. And the fatty taste of coconut creates a distinctive flavor that impresses many people.

Ha Tien is a land famous for many delicious dishes with fresh seafood, but Ha Tien sticky rice is still one of the specialties of this land. It is not only a familiar breakfast dish of people. but also chosen by many tourists from far away.

Ha Tien sticky rice

Ha Tien sticky rice is made from fragrant sticky rice. It is very soft when cooked and has a sweet aroma. Villagers make delicious sticky rice. When ripe, the seeds have a glossy ivory color. visually stimulating and irresistible taste buds

  • Sweet sticky rice with lots of coconut milk And grated coconut, add jaggery to make it sweet. When eating, feel the sweet, fatty and aromatic taste.
  • Salty sticky rice is mixed with other spices such as dried shrimp, meat… The delicious taste of this sticky rice not only fills the stomach but also brings an unforgettable taste.

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2. Delicious taste of Ha Tien sticky rice

Ha Tien sticky rice It is a simple diet. But it has become the beauty of culinary culture of the Southwest. As for the sticky rice menu, the people here work hard to find out, both familiar and strange.

  • Ha Tien sticky rice: The sticky rice menu is a combination of the aroma of Thai sticky rice with other common ingredients such as jaggery, coconut milk, durian…

Ha Tien sticky rice

  • Dried shrimp paste: It is a traditional sticky rice dish of the villagers wrapped in sticky rice, delicious and suitable for many people’s taste.
  • Chicken egg sticky rice: After steaming, the sticky rice is hot and fragrant. And when eaten with eggs, it will have a light taste and texture that stimulates the taste buds.
  • Coconut sticky rice, also known as sweet sticky rice: Sticky rice has the sweet taste of coconut and jaggery. When eating, enjoy thick chicken eggs made from rice flour.
  • Ha Tien Mango Sticky Rice: Coconut mango sticky rice

Ha Tien sticky rice

  • Glutinous corn: Specially selected sticky rice cooked with fresh corn and served with granulated sugar, to many people, this sticky rice dish is very strange. But that’s one of the variations. Ha Tien sticky rice attracts many customers
  • Sticky rice: Made from glutinous rice and green beans. Served with crushed peanuts A handful of glutinous rice was crumpled to the ground by the members. The villagers then jokingly called that. “Little Ver”
  • Charcoal sticky rice: This is the most meticulous sticky rice dish of the Ha Tien people. instead of wrapped in leaves This sticky rice dish is wrapped in sticky rice paper and sprinkled with grated coconut when eaten. The aroma of sticky rice and the spicy taste of coconut are unforgettable.

Ha Tien sticky rice

  • Durian sticky rice: The typical Southern sticky rice has a different taste from traditional sticky rice and is sure to attract visitors.
  • Banana sticky rice: Banana sticky rice sticky rice is fragrant, soft, sweet and easy to eat

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3. Which restaurant has the best Ha Tien sticky rice?

Ha Tien sticky rice is one of the famous foods that can transform into many different shapes. Visitors to this land can eat sticky rice at many famous tourist destinations such as Night Market, Mount Loh, Tak Dong, Khu Mak Tum…

Ha Tien sticky rice

For foodies, there are two addresses selling especially delicious Ha Tien sticky rice to choose from:

  • Bei Shu’s sticky rice: Near the Holy Temple, the price is 5,000~15,000 VND/person.
  • Glutinous Rice Restaurant Mai: No. 82, Truong Hau street, Binh Son ward, Ha Tien city The selling price is only 5,000 VND / serving.

Besides the rustic dishes that make up a unique culinary culture, Ha Tien also attracts tourists with many famous scenic spots such as: Mui Nai Ha Tien, Ha Tien Sea, Bai Bang, Tu Chau mountain… can be combined after exploring all the places in Ha Tien city. Phu Quoc Tourism for a more enjoyable experience

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Ha Tien sticky rice

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Ha Tien sticky rice

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In addition to an attractive menu using fresh seafood, Ha Tien sticky rice It is also one of the specialty gifts that attracts many foodies to visit here. With the ingenuity of people in processing sticky rice Ha Tien sticky rice flavor becomes one of the delicious dishes. Bringing beauty in the culinary culture of Kien Giang, hopefully the above information will provide more interesting secrets for you to discover all the delicious dishes of the Southwest region.

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