Ha Tinh tourism must definitely visit these 4 places.

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Ha Tinh province is 340km south of Hanoi capital, located on the sunny and windy northern coast. Ha Tinh province has the advantage of bordering the sea to the east, and the legendary Truong Son mountain range to the west. Ha Tinh terrain is diverse, suitable for tourism development. especially, the 137 km long coastline always amazes visitors with its wild and charming beach beauty.

1. Thien Kham View

has a long coastline Ha Tinh province is home to many beautiful beaches that captivate many people. The most famous among them is Thian Gum beach. has been compared with Ha Ding’s “Music from Heaven” because of its elegant and pure beauty. Thien Kham beach is less crowded than many northern beaches. It has a natural and beautiful atmosphere with turquoise water, long sandy beach and various rock formations. loads of fun Forget the daily hustle and come enjoy seafood here.


Discover 15 attractive tourist attractions of Ha Tinh. wild nature spots quiet beauty and many interesting activities

2. Phong Tik Temple

Ha Tinh Tourism

Located on Hong Ling Mountain, Huong Thich Pagoda is a famous spiritual tourist destination built during the Trang Dynasty. Phong Thik Pagoda is located at an altitude of about 700m above sea level, hidden behind the mist and covered with incense smoke all year round, will make you feel like you are there and enjoy the extremely attractive scenery. : blue mountains, blue sea.

3. Lake Kego

Ha Tinh Tourism

Ke Go was formerly the name of an ancient Vietnamese village in My Due commune, now in Cam My commune, Cam Xuyen district, about 20 km south of Ha Tinh city center. Ke Go is famous for its poetic beauty. Big lake and big mountains.

4. Vochutty Hill

Ha Tinh Tourism

Huong Cha tea hill in Ha Tinh is as beautiful as in Moc Chau, the green color of the tea hill blends with the clear blue of the sky. And the aroma of tea leaves creates a refreshing landscape. It’s ideal for taking beautiful photos.

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