Hoi An Lantern Street: A place to preserve cultural beauty for more than 400 years

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A special feature of Hoi An Lantern Street is the colorful lights that light up a corner of the sky every night. When visiting the old town at any time of the year, visitors can admire the exquisite lanterns hanging from the shops and streets here.

Hoi An Lantern Street It is one of the check-in places that many visitors at night. Mainly made by young people, lanterns are an indispensable “spirit” of the old town. attracts a large number of tourists every time they visit.

1. Introduction to Hoi An Lantern City

In ancient times, Hoi An was the busiest international trading port and a stopover for merchants from all over the world. It is also post business on. The ‘Silk Road’ on the sea and the intersection of many different cultures. Hoi An lanterns were also born here. With a history of more than 400 years, lanterns are the convergence of Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese cultures, creating a strange attraction.

Hoi An Lantern Street

2. The ups and downs of Hoi An lanterns

Many people believe that Hoi An lanterns come from people with the surname Tai La and Chao, who come from Guangdong province, China to make a living. When away from home, holding lanterns hanging in front of the house will relieve nostalgia and become a preserved cultural beauty.

The ‘father’ of Hoi An lantern craft is known as Mr. Xa Duong, who specializes in making handicrafts such as lanterns, unicorn heads… and who revived the shimmering imagination of Hoi An at night. There, artist Huynh Van Ba. Restore the shape of the lamp. And since then, the lanterns still have the bamboo frame and cloth cover as we know it today. He was also repeatedly invited by the Japanese government to Vietnam to teach him how to make paper lanterns.

Hoi An Lantern Street

For centuries Hoi An lights are more delicate and beautiful. Making lanterns is also a highlight of the old town. Hoi An tourismImpress your visitors

3. Experience a unique culture at Lantern City in Hoi An

Taking place from 18:00 to 22:00 on the 14th day of the lunar calendar every month. Hoi An Lantern Street Surrounded by the twinkling of thousands of lights. Combined with fun activities to create an impressive scene This is also a beautiful and memorable check-in place for visitors.

Hoi An Lantern Street

4. Attractions around Hoi An Lantern Street

Head to Hui Street to experience more than just Lantern Town. but to visit and experience is good Check-in in Hoi An Ancient and poetic in hot places such as Hoi An Night Market, Hoi An Pagoda, Fujian Assembly Hall, Hoi An River, Hoi An Golden Alley.

Hoi An Lantern Street

5. Recommended hotels around Hoi An Lantern Street

Hotels near Hoi An Ancient Town are interested and in demand by many tourists. If you plan to travel to this heritage site in the near future. You can choose to stay at one of the two famous attractions below.

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Hoi An Lantern Street

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  • Vinpearl Resort and Golf Nam Hoi An: It is about 17 km from Hoi An. Vinpearl Resort and Golf Nam Hoi An It offers many facilities such as golf course, swimming pool, restaurant and bar on site. In addition, the system of luxury hotel rooms with full suites and villas is ideal for groups of friends and families.

Hoi An Lantern Street

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