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Hoi An paper flowers are an important part of everyone’s subconscious, I’m here.

Meaningful trips to Quang Nam cannot be ignored at the strict check-in locations. Hoi An paper flowers colorful blooms Find a photo spot The best ‘virtual living’ corners near bougainvillea in the beautiful old town of Hoi An!

1. When is the most beautiful time in Hoi An?

Hoi An bougainvillea blooms in all four seasons of the year, but the most beautiful and beautiful is March. Come to Hoi An at this time of year. When it’s early summer, the sunshine of the lights and most of all, Hoi An The bougainvillea flowers blooming in red, pink, yellow, and white will excite you with the fun and colorful scene of this place.

Hoi An paper flowers

Hoi An grows bougainvillea in front of cafes, restaurants and old houses, bringing a very unique beauty that is rarely found anywhere else. Nice photo must check in.

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2. Where is the most beautiful place in Hoi An?

The reason paper flowers are popular in Hoi An is because according to many people, they are suitable for the climate and climate of the Central region, the tree grows, propagates and propagates simply by planting small tree trunks under the root. Hoi An come like that

Hoi An paper flowers

Hoi An bougainvillea is planted a lot in front of the porch to shade, creating an aesthetic that attracts guests as a service point, please pocket these 5 wonderful “virtual living” spots on this Hoa Giay street.

  • 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc
  • 116 Tran Phu
  • 184 Tran Phu
  • Le Loi-Phan Phu intersection
  • 45 Australian dollars

3. Check in thousand likes at the beautiful confetti shop in Hoi An.

3.1. Moss Bridge

Hoi An Paper Flowers

bridge tower As one of the very famous destinations that many young people visit when coming to Hoi An Ancient Town. This temple was built across the Thu Bon River and has a rather unique design. The roof of the temple is covered with yin and yang tiles. Both the temple and the bridge are intricately carved. Two wooden statues stand at each end of the bridge.

Near the temple, there is a very nice place to take pictures to check in. Ancient yet elegant beauty makes your photos more artistic!

3.2 The wall of Hoang Van Thu bears the stamp of time.

Ancient mossy walls stand on Hoang Van Thu Street, according to locals. This house has been home to three to four generations of people. The building has been renovated and repaired many times. But the outer wall remains intact.

Hoi An paper flowers

Experiencing many ups and downs of history, the walls are old and covered with moss. Many tourists come to Hoi An to visit and when passing by this place are interested and stop to take pictures. Of course, this place has become a famous virtual check-in place and attracts a large number of young people.

3.3 Song Hoai Poet


river creek One of the most beautiful and unique photography locations in Hoi An Ancient Town. Day and night is the most realistic representation of the beauty of the river. Standing on the koi bridge over the river or sitting on people’s small boats and taking artistic photos can be very memorable.


In the evening, especially at night when the lanterns are lit, River puts on shiny new clothes and blends in with the lights of the old house by the river. It all creates an amazingly beautiful scene.

3.4. Hoi An lanterns and romance at night

Hoi An paper flowers

In the evening, crossing An Hoi bridge to visit Nguyen Hoang night market, you will surely have to admire the scenery here. Hundreds of colorful lanterns hang from the trees. And the rows of markets are lit up in a corner of the sky, Nguyen Hoang night market has become a shimmering virtual check-in point loved by many young people.

3.5 The house of golden confetti

Hoi An paper flowers

The image of yellow houses surrounded by confetti has become a unique symbol of Hoi An, a “virtual living” spot that is sought by many domestic and foreign tourists. The yellow house stands out as the background, exalting the beauty of the papers fluttering in the wind.

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4. Tell you some ‘secrets’ to take good photos and check in Hoi An Confetti.

Hoi An Paper Flowers

If you want to use your device to create a shimmering virtual live photo. Hoi An Paper FlowersDon’t forget to bring these photography tips and tricks!

  • The best times to take pictures are from 6am to 8am and from 2pm to 4pm. Avoid rush hours. You have to queue for quite a while.
  • Wearing the right clothes is also important! You will need to choose dresses of different colors. Something that makes you stand out in the frame. And some make your photos look more “artistic”. advice: What to wear in Hoi An to take pictures?
  • Hoi An bougainvillea is often grown on high in front of the balcony. Therefore, it is best to choose an angle where the entire inflorescence can be seen. and drooping bougainvillea resulting in beautiful portraits and close-ups.
  • If you know how to pose confidently in front of the camera I don’t have to choose many accessories. You can take beautiful pictures.
  • There are many ways to pose with confetti. including photos of lovers holding hands Full body photos with Hoi An bougainvillea spread over their heads. Take a natural pose as you pass by. and soar… are perfect tips that you can refer to.

Hoi An paper flowers

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Hoi An paper flowers Hunted by many young people during their trip to Quang Nam. The beauty of nature has made many tourists feel and remember forever Besides the bougainvillea road, Hoi An has many interesting places. Don’t ask your best friend to pick up your suitcase and go right away.

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