Homemade Chili Lemon Seasoning

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Fizzy and Zing! Lemon chili seasoning is increasingly popular in supermarkets, led by Tajin, but sometimes you need to experiment at home to create the perfect powder to suit your taste buds. Use this chili lemon seasoning recipe as a base for cooking.

Important Note: This is not a copy of Tajine’s recipe. It is a chili-lemon condiment (with many flavors) with more ingredients than tajine. Keep this in mind when you decide to make this recipe.

We wanted to tweak the ingredients used to create a softer or more realistic experience. For example, choosing chipotle over cayenne will add a savory and smoky flavor to the table. Add a little cumin to bring out the earthy flavor. and if you want something soft, drop the cayenne pepper powder. You can replace it with paprika for a little more chili flavor.

Use this spice as a dry rub. Goes well with steak or pork chops. If you have a simple grilled chicken dish, Chili Lime seasoning can bring the dish to life. And, of course, sprinkling fruit on is a great savory snack option. Matches tropical fruits and citrus.

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spiced lemon pepper

Not a fake tajine – a unique combination to spice up your dishes!

Preparation time 5 minutes

total time 5 minutes

Serving 3 1/2 tablespoons (disposable)

Choose cayenne and the amount of cayenne used wisely. This combination can give chili peppers a surprisingly spicy lemon flavor. for very mild heat Instead, choose regular paprika or ancho powder with little or no chili powder. Choose smoked paprika for a sweeter taste. For medium-temperature Guajillo dough or chipotle flour are fine. (Chipotle is a bit smoky and hotter.)

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