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Honor of Kings (English name is Honor of Kings) is the prequel of the game Lien Quan Mobile. Great graphics and extremely different skins are the factors that make King of Glory so popular in China.

Which game is King of Glory?

This is a MOBA game by Tencent Games with the same gameplay and storyline as Lien Quan Mobile in Vietnam. The strength of this game is the carefully invested graphics, the map is clear and detailed, and the generals and skins are also diverse. It can be said that this is the most popular MOBA game in the land of billions of people. Currently, The Glorious King has been released in China and Korea. Currently, Tencent Games is planning to release the trial version of this game worldwide in July 2022.

How to play King of Glory

It can be said that the glorious king has many champions with extremely high damage and the ability to use a wide area. In addition, the strength and skills of the generals are also laid out fairly evenly. Only strong generals, no strongest generals.

It is also because of the generals’ super powers that make this MOBA game more attractive than ever. King of Glory gameplay is extremely exciting mixed with a bit of color of “survival” game. Just ignore the game for a few seconds, the ability to “fly color” is very high.

The Story of the Glorious King

The storyline of the glorious king is constructed quite methodically, combining both the real and virtual worlds, passing on the cultural and historical values ​​of China to the younger generation. Also timeless epics like Tam Quoc Dien Nghia, Phong Than, Journey to the West etc. are cleverly integrated into the game. Since this game is a way to spread the culture, the characters’ costumes are also well researched. Because of this, the character Genghis Khan only has 1 skin.

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design and graphics


Glorious King’s graphics have far surpassed mobile games at the moment. Every detail in the game is meticulously and extremely carefully made, from the smooth movement of the roadside bushes to the main pillars, monsters, dragons, … are made extremely sharp.
The Story of the Glorious King
In addition, the in-game map is also very well laid out, you can clearly see every texture on the walls. This shows how carefully Tencent Games has invested in this game.

character design

Not only the variety of characters, but also the glorious king regularly releases new characters. Each season of the game tells the story of a new champion. You must play in ranked mode to unlock the next part of the story.
design and graphics
With this gameplay, the player feels like the main character on the way to adventure and conquering the world.


The costumes of each champion in Royal Glory are based on their descendants’ history and opinions. For example, Genghis Khan’s successor did not agree with the outfit designed by Tencent, so this famous general only has 1 skin in the game.

Glorious Kingdom features

King of Glory has a fairly broad map system that makes it easy for players to move around, especially in 5v5 battles. At the same time, the expanded map also helps you set up a 4-1 formation (4 defenders, 1 odd advance) easily. The function of displaying the price directly in the game is also very convenient and suitable for those who do not like to rank. You can easily zoom in and out the screen right in the game menu.

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Configuring the King of Glory player

Being a mobile game with fairly sharp graphics, the configuration requirements of the device are also slightly better than other mobile game series, specifically:

  • Processor: At least 4 cores 2 MGHz or higher.
  • Memory: 3GB.
  • Device ROM memory: 1 – 2 GB free.
  • RAM memory requirement: 1-2 GB free.
  • Operating system: Android or iOS

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