How does domestic tourism in China recover from COVID?

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Countries that have succeeded in controlling the spread of COVID-19 are watching what is happening in China to revive domestic tourism as borders remain closed to foreign visitors.

Different markets will require different approaches to revitalizing their tourism, but China’s story holds valuable lessons, especially for a country that has successfully suppressed it. coronavirus pandemic.

Strong recovery after the epidemic

at the end of August Hotel room occupancy and domestic arrivals increased again, reaching 90% over the same period in 2019. The rail passenger transport industry also had a strong recovery.

Types of domestic tourism including domestic tourism long and short distance tourism and domestic business Strong recovery since May Even with a small outbreak But the Chinese government controls COVID-19. with multiple test methods

Citizens will need to use the app on their mobile phone and scan a QR code to record their trip. This will come in handy later if new cases are discovered. Always wear a mask in public areas.

Demand for luxury leisure and entertainment services in mainland China is increasing. With borders still closed to international tourism The occupancy rate of luxury and high-end hotels reached 85% of 2019 levels at the end of August. This indicates a faster recovery rate than that of 2019 levels. mid-range and business hotels.

in September The average room rate of five-star hotels listed on China’s online travel agencies increased by 10-15% year-on-year during the National Day holiday. Hainan Island has beautiful scenery and many outdoor activities.

Many travel and tourism businesses reduce prices to compete immediately after the crisis. stimulate customer demand Many airlines, including China Eastern Airlines, offer unlimited fares. Average domestic fares drop by about 40% from January to June.

Visiting Macau COVID-19

The Chinese government’s top priority is to bring the infection rate close to zero. Wherever the virus spreads, it will greatly affect the economy and people’s daily life. However, people from Guangdong can come to Macao SAR from August this year.

experience from China

Post-pandemic travel trends in China may not apply to all countries. especially in countries that use a strategy of “Balance and control” rather than proactively controlling the epidemic. But in countries that have handled the epidemic well, including Vietnam, China’s domestic tourism market offers a clear test of how to recover from the pandemic.

Generating new demand and increasing purchasing power (based on discounts and pre-sales tours) are important in the early stages of the turnaround. With the needs and trust of our customers growing again. Indicators such as availability and domestic flight numbers could well reach pre-pandemic levels. Travel agencies and tour operators need to find ways to integrate their products. in a single package to provide upsell and upsell opportunities.

Hotels and resorts need to diversify their revenue streams in line with changing market needs. Many luxury hotels in Shanghai offer the experience. ‘Terrace drinking’ attracts young customers Creating an online experience is also important. Because it will help create real demand in the future. Museums and zoos offer video tours to help tourists around the world get to know their products.

Stimulating domestic demand can be accomplished by focusing on destinations in emerging countries. Especially places that offer outdoor entertainment experiences. This can be done by working with local governments and other stakeholders involved in the tourism ecosystem, such as online tour operators. Destinations, hotels and airlines

Chinese QR code

Pandemic caused by covid-19 Therefore, creating digital experiences is imperative.In China, social networks and social networks are the main source of inspiration and information for people to decide to travel. calendar.

Online travel agencies and hotels are using livestream as an effective sales channel. Drive sales as people spend more time at home. Several attractions are creating experiences. “Cloud Journey” to increase digital engagement and diversify revenue streams through selling themed products online.

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