How is Shyvana currently breaking up the Korean rank island?

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Shyvana has officially come back strong after being neglected in the jungle role.

Shyvana impresses with many amazing abilities

It seemed like she’d disappeared from solo queue mode in League of Legends, but Shyvana has returned with a whole new role: that of top lane fighter.
Shyvana’s skills are greatly appreciated. Shyvana is known as a female champion that bridges the line between gladiator and tanker. She has a massive amount of damage and excellent resistance thanks to her E – Dragon’s Breath.
Recommended equipment for ShyvanaSuggested gear for ‘Dragon Maiden’. “Long Nu” can also hold turrets and move impressively. A good set of moves is known to help this general change attacks and push lanes without losing as much mana as other champions.
Shyvana's skill increase order‘Dragon Maiden’ skill upgrade order. In battle, Shyvana can glide in dragon form with enhanced skills and stats. Therefore, the damage that “Dragon Nu” inflicts on the enemy team is “not the right form”, even if it is the main damage or the champion that resists the bulls.
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