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Cat Cat village located at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain is one of the top attractions. of Sapa you should visit So if you don’t know where to go in Sapa and want to choose Cat Cat village but don’t know what to sell. What’s special about the scenery, ticket prices and opening hours? Please see. Cat Cat Sapa travel review from AZ below!

Cat Cat Village Sapa Travel Review 2022

Cat Cat village travel guide

Where is Cat Cat village in Sapa? address on google map

Cat Cat village is located about 2 km from the center of Sapa, in the territory of San Sa Ho commune. This is a village with a long history dating back to the mid-19th century and still preserves important traditional crafts such as growing flax, cotton and weaving. Weaving, bronze casting…

Review Cat Cat Sapa travel version in detail Where is Cat Cat Sapa?
Location of Cat Cat village in Sapa
In the early 20th century, when the French invaded Vietnam, high-ranking French officials discovered Cat Cat village and chose it as a resort.

Tips to move to Cat Cat village in Sapa

To get to Cat Cat village, you have to take a train or bus to Sapa. Currently, there are many sleeper bus to Sapa for you to choose. Travel time from Hanoi to Sapa takes about 5-6 hours.

Review Cat Cat Sapa, what's playing
Cat Cat village, Sapa

In addition, if you take the train, you can buy train tickets online at trand or at Hanoi railway station. The train to Sapa from Hanoi has its own, comfortable cabin. Therefore, it is very popular with tourists. However, there is a small note that the train will not take you directly into the center of Sapa. But you need to use other bus routes to reach Sapa city center.

How to move from Sapa city center to Cat Cat village:

There are several ways to get to Cat Cat Village from central Sapa, such as:

  • walk: If you want to take a scenic walk, regardless of the distance of about 2 km, walking is the right option for you. Walking along the street, you can check in and take pictures comfortably.

  • BicycleIn Sapa, there is a bicycle rental service and if you are lazy to walk, you can rent a bicycle to visit Cat Cat village. In general, cycling in Sapa when it rains will be faster and less dirty.

  • motorcycle: In addition to Sapa bicycle rental service, there is also a motorbike rental service. Anyone who rides a motorbike to Sapa alone can also ride a motorbike to Cat Cat village alone.

  • taxi: If you go in a large group and depart far from Cat Cat village, you can choose to take a taxi to split the cost of travel without fear of rain, sun, dirty clothes.

How much does it cost to enter Cat Cat Village?

Review check-in, travel to Cat Cat village, how much is the ticket price?
How much is the ticket price for Cat Cat village?

As a famous tourist destination in Sapa, if you want to come here, you need to buy a dedicated ticket:

  • Adults: 90,000 VND/person
  • Children: 50,000 VND/person

Advice: Be sure to ask for a map of the attractions in Cat Cat Village when purchasing your ticket. It will be a great help in your journey there.

After buying tickets, you continue to go down the stone steps to reach the center of Cat Cat village.

Normally, the time to visit Sapa Cat Cat Village takes about 2-4 hours, so it will take half a morning or half an afternoon.

Homestay Resort in Cat Cat Village, Sapa

If you want to wake up to fresh air and beautiful mountain views. You can choose motels, homestays or resort hotels near Cat Cat village.

Some homestay suggestions near Cat Cat village for you to choose from are:

+ Sakura Hostel: Cheap homestay near Cat Cat village, 1 night is less than 10$ (more than 200,000 VND).

+ Sapa Cat Hills Resort: A luxury 4-star resort with an infinity pool near Cat Cat village with full facilities. Beautiful scenery, modern design rooms ensure you will like. About the quality of this resort near Cat Cat village, there is nothing to complain about. But the price per night in this resort is quite high. Average $70 or more

Review of tourist destinations Cat Cat Sapa should stay in which hotel, resort, homestay?
Sapa Cat Hills Resort

+ Chiande Homestay: Room rates start at $20/night and you will stay overnight at a Hmong house to better understand their daily life. Room rate includes breakfast. The owner of this homestay is very hospitable and friendly.

You can also view other motel and hotel options. In Sapa near Cat Cat Village here.

What does Cat Cat village have? Interesting places in Cat Cat village

When visiting Cat Cat Village, there are many interesting attractions and activities for you to experience, such as

See the beautiful terraced fields in Cat Cat village

Cat Cat Sapa Review.  What's worth playing?  Experience Cat Cat village

Those who have been to Sapa or the mountainous provinces of Vietnam will surely be impressed with the terraced fields here. Around Cat Cat village, there are also terraced fields if you come on the day the rice is ripe. Around May or September every year, you will encounter a beautiful scene when the rice gradually turns bright yellow.

Try on Hmong ethnic costumes in Cat Cat village

Another interesting thing when traveling to Cat Cat village that you will experience is trying on the ethnic costumes of the Mong people.

Review, check in, visit Cat Cat village
Take photos with national costumes at Cat Cat village

In the village, there are many traditional dress rental shops with unique and beautiful designs for you to choose according to your liking.

The rental price will be around 100k/set, but you can negotiate the price a bit. If you want to hire a photographer with makeup and other things, there’s a service for you too!

record: When you receive the clothes Do not forget to check the clothes carefully for any problems, torn or damaged. and immediately notify the shop owner so that both parties do not suffer losses. When there is a problem with the costume, it will be caught.
In addition to renting Hmong dresses, you can also rent other unique costumes. When coming to Cat Cat village like Mongolia, Thailand, Daeng Dao, Miao…

Cheap self-sufficient travel experience in Cat Cat village
Costumes can be rented to take pictures at Cat Cat village.

See the traditional crafts of the Mong people.

At the exhibition area of ​​the central village You can see how to make traditional Hmong crafts such as brocade dresses and bags. Silver and bronze jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Sapa Cat Cat Village Travel Reviews
What to buy in Cat Cat village?

Watch the traditional dance of the Hmong people

Cat Cat village tourism review
Xen appears at Cat Cat Village.

In each time frame of the day, the domestic cat performs traditional singing and dancing. If you like it, come join the fun with the ethnic people here! This performance is free in the center of the village. So be sure to go see it.

Relax at the waterfall in Cat Cat village

Review Cat Cat Sapa, what to play with Ban Cat Cat Waterfall
Ban Cat Cat Waterfall

Nature is a favorite of Cat Cat village. Once upon a time there was a natural waterfall that provided water to the people living in the village. Don’t have to worry about carrying water far away to Cat Cat village Don’t forget to check in this super beautiful waterfall! Do not forget that this waterfall is called Tien Sa waterfall by the villagers.

How to eat in Cat Cat village?

When coming to Cat Cat tourist village, people can prepare their own food or go to the village to find a restaurant to enjoy local dishes.

If you are traveling in a large group and want to order food It is best to contact the restaurant or local eatery in advance to have them prepare the meal.

Sapa Cat Cat Village Travel Reviews
Cat Cat Ban Restaurant

Some notes when traveling to Cat Cat village

There are some things to note when traveling to Cat Cat village:

  • The road to Cat Cat village is quite steep and has many steps. So, if you wear high heels, always have a spare pair of shoes or sandals to change into when your feet hurt!

  • When it rains, you should not go to Cat Cat village because the road is steep and slippery.

  • If possible, it is best to visit Cat Cat village during the ripe rice season because the scenery at this time of year is the most beautiful in Cat Cat village.

  • When buying things in Cat Cat village, you can negotiate to get a discount!

top is Cat Cat Village Travel Experience that you can refer to. Hope you know what Ban Cat Cat is and what Ban Cat Cat is like. Is it worth a visit? If you have any questions, just comment. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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