How to prevent and treat motion sickness when traveling

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Motion sickness is a problem for many people of all ages. and cause great inconvenience in travel This article introduces effective ways to prevent and treat motion sickness.

Common causes of motion sickness

Understanding this cause can paint a scientific picture of effective motion sickness prevention measures.

The human brain can sense body movements using the nervous system. This includes the eyes, inner ear and tissues. When the human body moves intentionally, such as while running, the brain synthesizes information about the running track and controls the actions.

But not when you’re in a moving vehicle, where the central nervous system receives conflicting signals from the senses, such as pressure on the skin, receptors in the eyes. and don’t look out the window. Your inner ear transmits signals to the central nervous system that you are moving (swaying up and down, swaying left and right, moving), car movement). But now I can only see static scenes inside the car, which is controversial.

Therefore, it has been hypothesized that the cause of motion sickness is competition between the signals sent to the nervous system.

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motion sickness in general

Based on the above assumptions, any vehicle can cause motion sickness. These symptoms come on suddenly and vary in severity. Slightly uncomfortable, uncomfortable, cold sweat more and more. dizziness and vomiting

Most symptoms of motion sickness subside or disappear completely when the vehicle is stopped. But the discomfort can last for several days in some people. And it can greatly affect daily life and work.

A simple and effective way to combat motion sickness

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To prevent or reduce the severity of motion sickness depends at least on the severity and condition of each person. The following strategies work:

Choose a seat in your car.

This is important in reducing the risk of motion sickness. Avoid walking close to the edge of the vehicle or facing away from the vehicle. People with a high potential for addiction should choose a sitting position with little movement, for example:

– Boat: Choose a seat near the front of the boat or wait near the water.
– On the plane: Sit in the middle of the plane. It should be in front of the front edge of the wing. As soon as the plane takes off Air rushes into your face.
– On the train: Choose a seat facing the front, next to the window, near the front of the train.
– for passenger cars Sit at the front of the car to be able to see the road in front of you, not be warped like the rear seats.

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Other precautions to avoid motion sickness

– Look straight ahead and try to focus on a stationary or distant object. Avoid using electronic devices or reading books while traveling.
– Keep your head steady and lower your body to the back of the chair to avoid swaying during movement.
– Smoking is prohibited in the vehicle, but some vehicles require you not to smoke and not to sit near smokers.

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Avoid spicy foods and strong-smelling alcohol.
Use over-the-counter anti-nausea medications and antihistamines that contain dimenhydrinate. (safe for children over 2 years old) or Meclizine, taken 30-60 minutes before departure time. These drugs can cause drowsiness and drowsiness.
– Use ginger: You can bite a slice of fresh ginger. Eat ginger candies, drink ginger tea or take ginger supplements to avoid nausea when drunk.
– Frequent snacking It will help prevent motion sickness. You can use a slightly salty cake. a glass of cold water Or a decaffeinated soda…

I hope this article can help you understand and find out why. How to fight motion sickness effectively Don’t let the hangover ruin your fun ride.

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