Instructions on how to play Among Us for those who don’t know

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For many newbies, the way to play Among Us is still something rather complicated and ambiguous. As there is so much to do in one game, Player most It is impossible to master everything after just a few experiences. This article will tell you how to play between us in this article!
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what is between us

what is between usBetween us is a brain hacking game that was developed in 2018, but the game started to become popular in Vietnamese online games market only from 2019. Social networks like Youtube and Tiktok. Since then, Among Us has gradually become popular in the community. So far, this multiplayer game is still very popular among young people due to its simplicity and fun.
Among us are streamers who have started posting videos of the game on social media platforms like Youtube and Tiktok.

How to play Between Us for beginners

number of players

In the game, the player enters a room with 4-10 people. The stock set is divided into 2 factions:

  • Crewmate on the spaceship (Crewmate).
  • impostor.

According to the number of players, the room owner will arrange the appropriate number of impostors. The usual optimal number is 10 people, including 8 crewmates and 2 imposters.

background game between us

The game takes place in the crew’s ship stuck in space and the crew members have to do everything to restart the ship by completing the assigned missions. In the meantime, the impostors will infiltrate the crew and try to annihilate any survivors.
How to play Between Us for beginners

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How to play between us

The essence of Between us gameplay is to believe or not to believe. You trust the right person you win, you trust the wrong person you pay with your life. The crew members don’t know who the impostor is, while the impostor can also drag each other into battle if they feel their fellow humans are not valuable to take advantage of. The players can coordinate with each other, can also cross their suspicion. There are no permanent enemies, no permanent friends, only survival and victory is the ultimate goal. Play between us, you will find that life is full of tricks. To catch the crew members there are many different tasks and force them to go to different rooms on the ship to perform the task. All of these missions aim to get the ship running again. Impostors will use this opportunity to destroy teammates traveling alone. In addition to the ability to kill people directly, Imposter also has the ability to enter pipes to move between rooms, hack into systems that cause power outages, destroy oxygen systems for the purpose of destroying the entire crewmate to support. . The blackout doesn’t make the teammates lose, it just narrows their field of view to help the imposters hunt better. However, if there is a lack of oxygen and the crewmates don’t fix it in time, the team loses the match. Another point is that most of the time the people in the crew can only try to win the mission since Crewmate is not born to resist. If you choose the Impostor, your chance of boarding is 99.99%.
How to play between usEach time a corpse is discovered, the player side convenes an emergency meeting, also known as the emergency meeting. This meeting is designed to find the scammer and verify who the suspect is. This part will require critical thinking from each player to help you survive instead of becoming a suspect and being thrown into space by the others. Emergency Sessions are continuously repeated each game when someone discovers a dead body. And teammates have to find the right impostor to choose kick, that’s the only way for teammates to win before they get completely destroyed. How to play Between Us is a player who can use his arguments and arguments to convince others that it is fake. After debate and vote, someone will be disqualified, it could be a scammer, but it could also be a seaman wrongly convicted. In general, the way to play Among Us is quite simple and easy to understand, just to play well and win players need to think well and be smart. In addition, argumentation skills and eloquence must be “tough” enough to apologize for their side.

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Some tips for playing Between Us

If you are a scammer

  • The imposter must complete the same mission as the other players to avoid being spotted.
  • They can also time the power and oxygen systems to disrupt the situation.
  • If you kill someone and someone finds out, keep calm! Because if you are accused, you still have an opportunity to justify yourself because the other side’s evidence is only words.
  • Killing people requires swift and decisive action, while at the same time doing so in remote locations.
  • Can go together to create an alibi.

Some tips for playing Between Us

If you are a crew member

  • When a body is discovered, press Report to gather for a meeting and vote on who the imposter is.
  • Travel with two or more people for safer missions.
  • Remember the actions of those around you as you walk down the street. Being able to remember the direction of movement is a great advantage when trying to find the imposter.
  • Monitor the taskbar to see if someone is pretending to perform a task.
  • Concentrate on completing the task quickly to win.
  • Always have someone inspect the camera.

Once you get used to it you will find that playing Among Us is very simple and easy to play. However, to win and become a good player, you need experience and good thinking. Innnewyorkcity VN wishes you hours of fun!

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