Is Ronaldo’s era at Man United coming to an end?

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Cristiano Ronaldo recently shared in an interview that he was “betrayed” by Manchester United and forced to leave.

Ronaldo is sad because he has become the club’s “black sheep”.

In an interview with journalist Piers Morgan, broadcast on November 13 on the TalkTV channel, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo told his more than one-year story.

He shared that he was “going through the most difficult period of his life, both professionally and personally,” particularly when he said he felt “betrayed” by the way he was treated. Court of Manchester United. and annoyed to become the “black sheep” – responsible for everything negative in the club.
Ronaldo is angry because he is a member of the club
Ronaldo insists management is trying to force him to find a new place: “Man United tried to force me to leave. Not only the manager but also the other people at the club. I feel betrayed. I feel like some people.” I don’t want to be at Manchester United, not just this year but last season.”
Ronaldo is upset for being a member of the club
According to this superstar’s revelation, Ronaldo might stop accompanying Man United in the near future, it’s likely that we won’t see CR7 play for the Red Devils after this 2022 World Cup.
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