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Many people still think that AV industry will bring good income and happy life after retirement for JAV actors. But is the truth what people think?

The JAV actor still can’t escape the controversy after retiring

Even the top names that once stormed the Japanese AV industry have sometimes resorted to irony. For example, the JAV actress Sora Aoi.

After getting married and having two beautiful little angels, she still suffers from many objections to the point where she is afraid her children will be bullied and treated unfairly just because their mother used to be like that. Once upon a time there was a hot 18+ girls movie.
She is afraid that her child will be treated unfairly because her mother used to be a hot girl who has acted in over 18 films

Became a singer but was ostracized

Another name who was also a mainstay in AV Village, 18+ hottie Akiho Yoshizawa, also ran into a similar situation.
Hot Girl 18+ became a singer but faced a wave of boycotts due to the past
After her retirement, she entered the music industry. Many people hastily boycotted her because of her past as a hot girl JAV instead of seeing her as a capable new singer.
She finds it difficult to find a place for herself
This is also the reason why the hot girl is currently fighting for a place and a new life.

Back to a JAV actor because I couldn’t find another job

Or like Mari Rika, who retired as soon as her career was at its peak, but also quickly “fell off the horse” again. I’m only asking because she’s been in over 18 films before, so she couldn’t find a job other than part-time.
A JAV actor returned to his old job because he couldn't find a new job
This hottie decided to return to her old job after a brief retirement when she only had about 25,000 yen (5 million VND) in her pocket – not enough to live in Tokyo for a week.
This can be considered as a job that brings a rich source of income to JAV actors
It can be seen that despite their high income, JAV actors are still struggling to find a place for themselves after their retirement. Follow Innnewyorkcity VN to update more good news!

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