Jo Min Young – Kim Chi’s lingerie queen

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Jo Min Young is one of the best uzlang (a term referring to hot boys and hot girls) in Korea. She owns more than 7 million followers on her personal page with millions of likes to show off her body

Who is hot girl Jo Min Young?

There isn’t a girl in Korea who doesn’t know Jo Min Young – who is known as Korea’s most famous bikini beauty. She is characterized by her doll face, porcelain white skin and attractive hourglass body. Adorable with the standard 3 round measure of 90-60-90. She has huge 1st and 3rd rounds while round 2 is small and attractive.
hot model
Beauties who have a physical advantage often flaunt their figures in fiery bikinis. Min Young is considered the queen of Korean lingerie. The fiery hot girl makes men “melt” every time they wear bikinis. Each set of Jo Min Young’s photos caused a stir on social media because they were so eye-catching.
lingerie model
Once upon a time, this was the dream girl of Korean boys. Her fiery beauty is still loved by many today. She is often invited to appear in Korean TV programs or TV exchange programs for young people.
hot girl jo min young

career path

The beautiful young girl Jo Min Young, who appeared in the reality show EoIJang Sidae, quickly received special attention from many people. She not only possesses physical beauty but also has an admirable dynamic, cute and kind personality.
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Jo’s V line face is dreamed up by Korean girls with a high bridge of the nose, big eyes and a slim body. Not only does she have a beautiful appearance, famous for being a hot Korean girl, but she also has a talent for business. Currently, Min Young is the owner of 2 popular webshops in this country.
lingerie queen
Hot Girl Lingerie started her first business in 2006 – when she was still a high school student. She sold goods on her personal blog and so far has had a large number of customers who are Korean college students.Country. As the owner of these two web shops, Min Young not only runs the shop, but also directly selects, mixes and takes sample photos. All stations from make-up, staging, to modeling are staged by her with creativity and inventiveness.
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Jo Min Young revealed the secret of successful stores: “The success of my store is not in selling the latest trending items, but in ensuring that every customer who comes here has the most accurate advice on the product I want. to buy so customers are satisfied and believe in the product they choose.”
young bikini photo jo min

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Full set of photos of Korean lingerie queen

In everyday pictures, Min Young also shows her physical advantage. She’s hot in every angle in a sexy body. However, being one of the famous names, she often encountered many criticisms such as plastic surgery, acquaintance with giants… However, true fans all recognized her talent.
sexy body
hot bikini girl
Korean pretty girl
If Vietnam has Ngoc Trinh, Korea is no less competitive with a super hot body in a very cool Jo Min Young bikini. Follow Beautiful Girl to see other beautiful photos.

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