Juky San and a series of captivating photos of irresistible beauty

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Arose thanks to a number of hits: Proposal, Foolish Love, Borrowing Wine Confession, etc. Juky San is currently one of the singers who receive the attention and love of young people.

Juky San’s real name is Tran Dung and he was born in Thai Binh in 1998. I never went to a singing school and no one in the family is an artist. Juky is currently studying Odonto-Stomatology at Military Medical College 2. With her natural ability and experience singing at school, art competitions helped Juky enter showbiz easily.
What is Juky San's real name?
Juky once revealed that she admires and loves singer Van Mai Huong’s voice. Her goal is to hone her skills to get rid of the “Hot Girl Cover” label and officially have her own works. In V-Pop, she also expressed her special affection for Truc Nhan because of his musical personality and energetic performance every time he went on stage.
What year was Juky San born?
Juky’s professional turning point really began when she took part in the musical talent search program The Voice – Vietnamese Voice 2019. Hidden Face passed the round brilliantly and joined coach Ho Hoai Anh’s team. Thanks to the advantages of both looks and talent, Juky passed the confrontation round with an overwhelming number of votes. But the fans felt quite sorry when she had to retire in the semifinals. Even after the competition, your artistic activities continue to be of interest and are warmly welcomed.
Juky San The Voice 2019
Juky San songs
Needless to say, besides her talent, Juky also left a good impression on the viewers thanks to her beautiful, cute looks and good-looking body. Her previous cover songs, albeit not that excellent, but particularly attractive, sweet voice, personality appearance and tight MV movies are the secret to help the clip reach the one million views milestone.
Where is Juky San from?
Juky recently caused a stir with the song “Is it possible to fall in love with young people?” Romantic concept, cute pose, 9x hot girl made many viewers fall in love with her beautiful beauty. Especially if you follow the social networking sites of hot girls, you will be more and more attracted to the sexy body photos, which are different from the image that Juky pursued before.
Sexy Juky San
Juky San's Facebook
Juky San currently has a fan page with more than 89,000 followers and millions of views. This number is still increasing due to their ability to be active along with their coverage on fansites, forums, websites and reality TV shows.
Does Juky San have a boyfriend?
It is known that Juky is currently “no sound” and has no plans in the near future. Hope our sweet girl has a nice landing soon! See More: Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc strikes a fiery pose wearing a bikini

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