Khoa Pug hinted he was cheated out of 30 billion dong by a new friend

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The brotherly love story between Khoa Pug and Johnny Dang is arguably still an ongoing drama as the two fight on and refuse to lead such a double life. Looking at it from another angle, is this a “cicada escape” to deny responsibility?

Khoa Pug and Jonny Dang continued their war of words after a month of silence

Following rumors that Khoa Pug and Jonny Dang were going their separate ways, the male YouTuber recently officially denounced the ‘new boyfriend’ for cheating VND30 billion to celebrate his birthday. Although not just by name, one can still guess “who everyone knows”.
Johnny Dang speaks up
Having just received information that the male streamer was denouncing him because Johnny Dang had just celebrated his birthday, he immediately demanded hard evidence.
Johnny Dang demands evidence of 30 billion fraud
Ever since the Diamond Boyz Coin (DBZ Coin) crash, the relationship between the two sides has not been as close as before. Before that, it was “overseas millionaire” Vuong Pham who linked Khoa Pug to the founder of this virtual currency.
Faculty of Pug

“Stress” Khoa Pug was threatened with murder by Johnny Dang

The confrontation rumors didn’t seem to have died down, but in the new vlog published this morning on December 1st, vlogger Khoa Pug revealed a lot of shocking information to viewers.
Khoa Mops has released a vlog accusing Johnny Dang of threatening his life
In it, he alluded to being “threatened” by Johnny Dang after a series of dramas over investment money disagreements: “Unexpectedly one day I was threatened by a person with Vietnamese blood on my body who spoke Vietnamese. “.
the status on Faculty Pug's personal page

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Are all dramas just a ploy to “get rid of cicadas”

Although the drama goes on quite intensely and has reached the most dramatic point when the main character in the story, Khoa Pug, revealed in a vlog that his life was in danger. But in the comments of the latest status that Khoa Pug posted, there are quite “sober” statements from a lot of people.
"fan" of Khoa Pug began to wobble as his and Johnny's virtual currency depreciated
Accordingly, there are many people who think that after enough “roll the chicken,” now is the time to “chicken,” but more importantly, the responsibility won’t fall on anyone’s head when the drama of this hot YouTuber and Diamond King is still in effect .
Many commenters on Khoa Pug's post believe the duo are playing a game of cicadas escaping their bodies to blame investors.Many people commented on Khoa Pug's post that the duo played a game of cicadas escaping the body to absolve the investor of responsibility.  First
Innnewyorkcity VN learned that Khoa Pug is currently in a very good relationship with Vuong Pham after breaking up with Johnny Dang. Together, the two build a hot pot restaurant in Houston, USA.

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